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Love & Sex

Consumer-driven innovations in sexual pleasure? Um, yes please! READ MORE »

Love & Sex

If you’re reading this I don’t need to give you any reasons why you should date a Virgo. But since you yourself are quite curious and maybe even confused by your Virgo crush, it can be helpful to know what you’re getting into and if they’re really that analytical all the time (spoiler: yup).READ MORE »


If you needed an uplifting story today, this is not it. Like, at all. READ MORE »

Mind & Body

Researchers at University of California, Irvine found that taking and sharing selfies could have the ability to make you feel super happy and great, which means we should all just take them and share them and feel fine, thanks.READ MORE »


Former University of California, Berkeley law school dean Sujit Choudhry filed a federal discrimination lawsuit Thursday claiming the college treats white male professors accused of sexual harassment or assault more leniently than he and other professors of color were treated. READ MORE »


TBH, you can probably name several grown men off the top of your head who need a list like this. READ MORE »


Luckily for the sanctimonious assholes of the world, there is now a Grammar Snob app that will do the passive-aggressive work for you. READ MORE »


In the beginning, there was nature, and technology was nothing but an interloper. READ MORE »


He has no idea how the internet works. READ MORE »


It’s like he thinks he’s living in a Hollywood movie.  READ MORE »


Avoiding addressing the rumors of her relationship with Miller will only prove increasingly difficult for Grande, as her run-in with Seacrest was only one of two interviews that touched on the coupling this week. READ MORE »


This is what former leaders do. READ MORE »


But you can’t walk that kind of shit back. READ MORE »


Do you not already feel the pressing shame of daring to have a head of hair that isn’t misted with $2,000 caramel-scented Chanel spray? READ MORE »


A Texas police officer/badass going by the pseudonym Hannah, 25, confronted her childhood molester and got him to confess to his crime so she could arrest him, The Daily Beast reports. READ MORE »


For the past 2,000 or so years the earth has been wobbling due to the Sun and Moon’s gravitational pull, which has in turn affected our relationship with the stars (the Sun and Moon are jealous lovers). READ MORE »


It’s so subtle. READ MORE »


And the language used in the lawsuit literally could not make it any clearer that it revolves around a sex toy. READ MORE »

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