Here’s A Solid Plan B: Quit Your Life And Join The Cat Circus

Megan Reynolds / August 27, 2015

Hey hey, it’s the end of summer and Labor Day is around the corner and oh god, everything is going to be miserable soon because winter, as you and Jon Snow know it, is coming. Stave off the inevitable ennui of your pedestrian autumn and your dreary winter by giving up that office lyfe and… More »

#TBT: That One Summer We All Watched “Days Of Our Lives”

Robyn Pennacchia / August 27, 2015

Yeah, you know the one I’m talking about. More »

Hey, Maybe Look Out For People Who Are Super, Super Polite, Because They’re Actually Mean

Megan Reynolds / August 27, 2015

If Becky from HR tells you your hair looks A-MAY-ZING every day when you are sure it doesn’t, watch your back. … More »

Women Who Have Anal Sex More Likely To Orgasm

Ask Men / August 27, 2015

The female orgasm is a curious thing, and indeed a mystery to less-savvy men. Beyond encouraging women to seek out sex, it doesn’t seem to have any biological function, the way ours do. However, its relative scarcity (combined with the satisfaction that comes with helping your partner achieve it) makes it a far more popular… More »

Instagram Is For The People

Megan Reynolds / August 27, 2015

Is your Thursday  calm and cool and peaceful? Do you want something to feel briefly mad about and then set aside? Do you take pleasure in reading terribly written satire? Then Hayley Bloomingdale’s wobbly attempt at tongue-in-cheekiness in this Instagram instructional missive in Vogue is just the thing for you.
According to Bloomingdale, “Instagram is not… More »

Father Who Robbed Bank To Pay For Daughter’s Chemo Should Not Go To Prison For Life

Robyn Pennacchia / August 27, 2015

Something far more immoral than bank robbery happened here. More »

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