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Love & Sex

From getting fingered while your friend is sleeping next to you to making your boyfriend’s back bleed, these stories are caliente. READ MORE »

Let go of the same boring routine and try something new! READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Dan Rochkind decided that he was through entertaining young, beautiful women because they just couldn’t measure up to his standards. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Not only can it hinder your relationship, it can affect what goes on in the bedroom. READ MORE »


This case of verbal bulling turned into a massive brawl. READ MORE »

Mind & Body

As Republicans close in on Planned Parenthood in an attempt to cripple the women’s health organization, women and men share stories about how it helped them. READ MORE »


All the details on a lifestyle you’ve definitely considered once or twice! READ MORE »


These women are no strangers to sexual pleasure and have even proved the theory of the super orgasm. Get the scoop on how they’re achieving the “Big O” multiple times in one session. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Real answers from real men. READ MORE »


National Ex-Spouse Day is upon us, so let us celebrate all those crazed exes out there with some heartwarming stories about spurned lovers. READ MORE »


When woman suffers from amnesia, her boyfriend goes on a mission to make her remember him. READ MORE »


Have you tasted your own? READ MORE »

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