Embarrassed woman sues parents for posting naked baby photos on Facebook

Don’t try to embarrass your kid on Facebook because they might embarrass your ass in court. More »

The 12 greatest hits of Colin Powell’s hacked emails show he really DGAF about anyone

He does not like Hillary Clinton. He REALLY hates Donald Trump. And he’s tired of pretty much everything going on in the political world. More »

Zuri Tibby is Victoria’s Secret Pink’s first black spokesmodel, which only took 14 years

It seriously took the company more than a decade to realize women of color wear underwear too (shocking, I know!) and might want to see a non-white woman representing a major lingerie brand that’s in pretty much every mall in America. More »

This Carrie Brownstein short film hilariously points out why you shouldn’t comment “mom” on people’s photos

Be careful what you wish for. More »

Guinness World Record’s youngest woman with a full beard should be your new hero

Her facial hair is the least interesting thing about her — she slays in so many other ways. More »

Now you can have an orgasm through your clothes by sitting on this rocket ship

If you’ve been having trouble having an orgasm lately, a new full body massager that looks like a freaking tank is here to help.  More »

Russian hackers leaked four female Olympians’ medical records, giving female athletes all the attention for the first time

It seems like an unlikely coincidence that it was all women (and mostly black women) targeted. More »

How the Brock Turner case might end up being a weirdly positive thing for a lot of people

It’s the only upside to the horrible sexual assault case. More »

British county names street harassment a hate crime in tough blow to local perverts

Should Donald Trump snag the election, here’s one potential destination to consider. More »

Gwen Stefani is producing a kids’ show on Japanese street culture, which she’s clearly an expert on as a white woman

If animated young girls’ TV shows rooted in white-splaining are your thing, or you were a fan of Stefani and the Harajuku girls back in ’04, enjoy! More »

15-year-old girl is advocating for a hijab emoji, since millions of women wear headscarfs

What were you doing when you were 15? More »

Instagram update to combat harassment gives assholes new obstacles to work around

Internet trolls are going to have to get a lot more creative. More »

Army approves Chelsea Manning’s gender transition surgery, ending her hunger strike

They still want her to cut her hair, though. More »

The Mormon ‘Sister Wives’ family begs the Supreme Court to legalize polygamy

Kody Brown is legally only married to one of his four “wives,” but says he’s “spiritually” married to the other three. More »

Trump launches “women’s empowerment tour,” which seems like a thing that can’t possibly go wrong

A campaign spokeswoman already identified two women on the tour as the campaign’s token black women to audience members at an Ohio stop, just to prove that black women who support Trump actually aren’t mythical creatures and do, in rare cases, exist. More »

Male film extras get to play cops and doctors, while women are receptionists and “party girls”

“Female actors also routinely enjoy such roles as ‘party girl’ and ‘hooker’ — the latter of which, at 43 film credits, ties with men who are cast as engineers,” Vox and and By the Numbers found. More »

Forget Apple’s new iOS 10 emojis, the presidential Kimojis are way better

Honestly, the Kimojis could be used in just about any texting scenario. More »

Every single ad in a London subway station was replaced with pictures of cats

Creepy or cool? More »

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