The Curse Of Reality TV: Why I’m Scared For The Palins

By: Kate Torgovnick/ / November 13, 2010
This Sunday night, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" premieres on TLC. Early clips from the series show Sarah "bein' free" while climbing a glacier and communing with mama grizzlies. So I assumed that the show was going to be a glorified nature show. But upon reading some reviews, it sounds like the show veer… More »

Mel Gibson Says Ex “Provoked Me” And “Pushed My Emotional Buttons”

By: Jessica Wakeman / November 13, 2010
Mel Gibson just got ickier, if that's possible. In a court document defending himself from his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva's claim that he beat her while she was holding their baby daughter, Lucia, Mel also addressed the infamous phone calls she recorded where he hurls abuse at her. Really, you see, Mel's outrage wa… More »

How To Look Sporty And Sexy

By: StyleList Home / November 13, 2010
Holy hoodies! Lately we've seen a plethora of high-end designers get super sporty. Hermès has shown tennis sweaters, Alexander Wang praised the pigskin with football-inspired shoulder-padded sweatshirts, and Bottega Veneta hit the dojo, sending karate-influenced looks down the runway. But how do you dress with a sporty vibe that looks chic, and not like you're… More »

Dick Van Dyke Was Saved By A Porpoise

By: Kate Torgovnick/ / November 13, 2010
"I woke up out of sight of land. I started paddling with the swells and I started seeing fins swimming around me and I thought 'I'm dead!' They turned out to be porpoises. And they pushed me all the way to shore. I'm not kidding." —Dick Van Dyke, who was so freaking cute when he… More »

Urban’s Ornaments Make Us Giddy For The Holidays

By: Leonora Epstein / November 13, 2010
How adorable are these tree ornaments from Urban Outfitters? I don't even celebrate Christmas and they make me want to decorate a tree. Choose from cutesy food designs of cupcakes, sushi rolls, TV dinners, or a sparkling pickle (this one's for you, Snooki). Other cheeky items to spruce up your tree include… More »

Quickies: Kim Kardashian Has A New Love & Kanye West Doesn’t Give “Today” His “Juice”

By: Annika Harris / November 12, 2010
Kim Kardashian loves the "hair chain" she designed for her new line Belle Noel for Pascal Mouawad. [Celebuzz] Eva Mendes wears a weird dress, but does she look hot anyway? [] Want to know what other Sports Illustrated models were paid? Molly Sims is telling all. [PopEater]… More »