8 Things Chelsea Handler And 50 Cent Have In Common

So, the interwebs have been abuzz for weeks with the news that Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent might be dating. And last night, they were photographed together at a jazz club in New Orleans, with witnesses saying that they “were getting very hot and heavy with each other.”

Sure, on the surface, this seems like the most illogical couple ever. But they were surprisingly cute and flirty when he appeared on “Chelsea Lately” last year. “I know you have a lot experience with guns, so I had to put mine out,” Chelsea said. “Do you have a boyfriend?” Fiddy replied. After the jump, eight things this maybe couple have in common. Keep reading »

Get the Look: Mary Kate Olsen’s Bohemian Chic

Mary Kate Olsen is always on the top of best dressed lists. Wether it is in discussion over one of her and her sisters clothing lines — The Row or Elizabeth and James, being seen at the newest hot spot, hanging with her ridiculously cool friends or simply walking down the street, MKO always looks good. Using a recent photograph of her as inspiration, we’ve put together a look that encompasses her boho chic style: frothy chiffon mini dress, chestnut brown leather bag, long necklace and the must have accessory of the moment — clogs. A key aspect to pulling off this look is by not getting costume-y or try hard — Mary Kate has her hair sloppily pulled in a half pony tail, and although she has a bunch of accessories on she doesn’t look over loaded. And before you go shopping, think about what you can pull from your own wardrobe that will work in place of one of our suggestions. You’ll be surprised what you can repurpose from the back of your drawer, it will free up some of your budget for a possible bigger ticket item, and make this look that much more your own. Do you love the bohemian chic of the 1960’s and 70’s as it is reinterpreted today? How do you wear it?

Outfit details after the jump… Keep reading »

Not The Best Pose …

… but still a cute outfit! I’m glad to see Toni Braxton making appearances, even if she and many others seemed a little overdressed for a Miami Dolphins football game. [Miami, 10/4/10] Keep reading »

Oct. 5: What Are You Wearing Today?

wearing today 100510 jpg
Any other place and we’d look like one sad bunch in all these dark colors. But I think wearing darks and black makes New Yorkers happy because matching these colors is easy–and we all need one less thing to think about. Don’t forget to tell us what you’re wearing today!

Anti-Binge Drinking Campaign Slut-Shames Drunk Girls

Curbing dangerous binge drinking on a college campus? An admirable goal. Slut-shaming women whose inhibitions melt away when soused? Not so much.

The University of Minnesota debuted a new anti-binge drinking campaign called “The Other Hangover,” which warns students to think about how their reputation will be tarnished if they do stupid things while drunk. It was created by students in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications for the 2009 National Student Advertising Competition. It’s an ad campaign blitzkrieg with billboards, coasters, sidewalk clings, magnets, and mirror clings all around the campus. Some of the sentiments on “the social consequences” of drinking: “‘But I was drunk,’ doesn’t repair the friendship” or “Just because you were drunk, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen,” which is innocuous enough. But others are straight-up slut-shaming young adults for being sexual. Keep reading »

Cosmo’s Most Eligible Bachelors Tell Us What To Wear

You can learn a lot from Cosmopolitan‘s “50 States, 50 Bachelors” expose. For example, these guys have a startling number of things to say about what a woman should and shouldn’t outfit herself in. Want proof? Check out all the advice they have to give about what a woman should wear to turn them on. That’s a lot of perfectly sculpted abs telling us how we should dress! Because these guys know what you should wear (also, maybe this was just an excuse to post a bunch of hot dudes, whatever).

Pictured here, South Carolina’s Casey Pratt, who wants to see you in anything “purple or lime green.” So, will a California Raisins costume do?

After the jump, we’ve compiled a list of Cosmopolitan‘s 2010 Bachelors’ sartorial advice. Keep reading »

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