Sum Poosie: A Pink Energy Drink That Tastes Like … Cherry 7Up!

Wait, what did you think I was going to write?

Sum Poosie is a “vagina-themed” energy drink that tastes like cherry and was created by a guy who turned down a job offer from Red Bull in 1996. “Basically, it’s an energy drink, but it’s like the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ of energy drinks,” the drink’s distributor Levar Turner, who is under the impression that is a selling point, told blogger Amanda Hess at “There are a million and one energy drinks. We needed to stand out. What better way than with Sum Poosie?”

So. How does Sum Poosie stand out? Bottles with boobies, boobies, boobies. Keep reading »

21 Pieces Of Costume Jewelry That Are Even Better Than The Real Thing

chanel 10810 m jpg
I’m an internet shopaholic/insomniac, which is a dangerous combination if you’re a vintage hoarder collector like me. One night this week, I stumbled upon this totally amazeballs site, Catwalk. It’s so glamorous I surf it with my sunglasses on. All it has are Chanel baubles from the ‘50s and on, like these three gorgeous gold delights. I’m with Rachel Zoe — for Chanel, I die! If some man wanted to propose to me, forget diamonds. I would totally rather he used one of these fabulous CC couture pieces. Then I’d really know I’d found the one!

Seriously, sometimes costume jewelry is even better than the real thing to an accessory whore like me … I have a full-length mirror cabinet, a dresser, plus two Caboodles full of fake jewels. Still, I would also love to add the following incredible 18 pieces to my faux jewelry fashion library, for reals.

“Dancing With The Stars” Courted Todd Before They Asked Bristol

“They wanted Todd to be on the show. I think that would have been cool to see, too. But here Bristol is… doing something all new … [If I were on the show], they would have to let me dribble back and forth and maybe pivot and do a jump shot or something as part of the routine. In fact, when Bristol said, ‘I don’t know how to dance,’ I told her, just think of it as learning some basketball plays.”

Sarah Palin lets it slip that “Dancing with the Stars” originally wanted Todd Palin for the show before they set their sights on Bristol. And she also shares the dancing advice she gave her daughter. I guess mommy doesn’t know best. [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

“She-Ra” Turns 25

For the honor of Grayskull! Last week, the DVD collection of “She-Ra: Princess of Power” was released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the show. And yes, this will be what I’m getting every woman on my holiday gift list. Though episodes will also be available on iTunes and Hulu, I want the DVD extras.

She-ra, without her sword in hand, was Princess Aurora, the twin sister of Prince Adam, aka He-Man. Keep reading »

10 Athletes Stripping Down In Celebration

athlete david beckham jpg
Yesterday the soccer-playing set of abs that is David Beckham scored the winning goal for the L.A Galaxy against Philadelphia Union. As a treat to Galaxy fans and women everywhere, Beckham stripped off his shirt and showed off his signature six pack to celebrate his team’s victory. By the looks of this photo, it seems he contemplated losing the pants too. But alas, no luck.

The tradition of losing your top after a win hardly started this week. Check out these other athletes who know how to really celebrate a win. By stripping!

If Your Man Only Has One Penis, Maybe He Should Get More

Did you think you’d found the man of your dreams, only to discover he only had one penis? I hate it when that happens! Thankfully, if your boyfriend or husband suffers from the dreaded mono-penis, there is a cure. It’s called Peniplus, and by taking just a few pills a day, your man will start growing penises everywhere. Frankly, I’m not sure how you’re supposed to have sex with a guy who has a penis growing out the side of his neck, but I guess where there’s a will, there’s a way. They’re going to have to rewrite the Kama Sutra — thanks to Peniplus! [Gorilla Mask] Keep reading »

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