The Boob Tube: Must-See TV For The Week Of September 13, 2010

For months, Sunday night has been the only night so packed full of amazing television that you have to pick and choose what to watch and record. But this week, nearly every night is filling up, too. This week, all of your CW favorites—like “Gossip Girl” and “America’s Next Top Model” return with fresh episodes. Plus, we’ve got the season finales of “Bachelor Pad” and “Top Chef.” After the jump, previews and notes on this week’s must-see shows. Keep reading »

Quotable: Lily Allen Has Had A Rough Pregnancy

“I came off the pill and, weirdly, a week later [I got pregnant]. But then it was really difficult, I had complications. I had about a week and a half of really heavy bleeding and had to have lots of scans … I’ve been living in fear for the past three months.”

Lily Allen tells the Sunday Times about a scare she had early in her pregnancy. Understandable that she’d be freaked out, considering that she had a miscarriage in 2008. Here’s hoping Lily’s baby stays healthy. Even if she won’t be telling her child that she was once a pop star. [People] Keep reading »

Model Inner Monologue: Dumbfounded At Duckie Brown

11 Celebs Who’ve Pledged To Stay Virgins By Wearing Purity Rings

purity ring joejonas jpg
Has Joe Jonas ditched his promise to remain a virgin until marriage, like his brothers Nick and Kevin? The middle JoBro used to wear a purity ring constantly, but ever since he started dating “Twilight” actress Ashley Greene, he’s been spotted without his favorite piece of jewelry. Has Ashley lured him away from his promise to God with her impure desires?! Dying. To. Know. (Not really.)

Joe, of course, isn’t the first celeb to rock a purity ring. Here are 10 more, but who knows how true to their word they’ve remained …

Woman Murders Husband Over Porn DVD

If you found pornography in your partner’s possession, what would you do? Shellyann Henry, of Brooklyn, New York, found porn in her husband Rudolph’s possession and stabbed him to death with a pair of scissors. Shellyann, who has a 4-year-old son with Rudolph, apparently freaked out after finding a porn DVD in the couple’s DVD player. The incident sparked a violent argument in which Rudolph grabbed a kitchen knife and Shellyann wielded scissors. Though there were no domestic violence reports filed with police, neighbors said that they often heard the couple fighting.

How would you handle finding your partner’s porn stash? [NYPost] Keep reading »

Lindsay Lohan Poses For Fornarina’s Fall 2010 Ad Campaign

In: Wolf T-shirts! Out: Respecting public property! I kid. I actually think LiLo looks lovely, though I wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit. Check out one more pic after the jump… Keep reading »

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