Messing With Your Ex’s Netflix Ratings Is The Best. Revenge. Ever.

By: Simcha / December 6, 2010
It's breakup season. So, if your boo dissed you, a clever Reddit user has found the perfect way to make your ex get their comeuppance. He decided to get back at his cheating ex-girlfriend by going on a rampage through her movie ratings so all her recommendations would be a bitch slap across the… More »

For The Week Of December 6-12, 2010

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / December 6, 2010
Virgo (August 23 - September 22)Don’t just believe words you hear. If you want to trust what is happening, you need to see it with your eyes. Words are too easy now. This is the time when so-and-so needs to prove what they mean in a big way, by making a… More »

Does This Snowman Dress Make My Butt Look Big?

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / December 6, 2010
Katy Perry rocked out at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball Concert in Los Angeles this weekend wearing a very, umm, voluminous, snowman-themed dress. I hope Russell Brand's quick wit helped him come up with a good answer to that most dangerous of spousal questions: "Honey, does this miniature stovepipe hat make my head look large?"… More »

Jared Leto’s Rockin’ A Blue ‘Do

By: Simcha / December 5, 2010
Jared Leto is a master of the Facebook—he constantly uploads sweet stuff to his page. But apparently, he's not giving his new blue 'do enough coverage. So, Jared Leto's Mint Blue Hair is showing off his awesome style — which, as you'll notice in the photo to the right, he… More »

Why I’m Happy I Don’t Have Daughters

By: / December 5, 2010
I'm glad I have sons ... and only sons. My friends who are mothers of daughters say that if I had given birth to two daughters instead, I'd be just as glad. I'm not so sure. When I was pregnant with each of my sons, I was convinced from the start that I was carrying… More »

How To Improve Your Love Life Through Feng Shui

By: Stylelist Home / December 5, 2010
Feng shui practitioners believe that the best way to attract love is to adjust your environment accordingly. Dingy surroundings, piles of clutter, and self-absorbed artwork can actually drive Cupid from your door. Here, then, are 10 simple feng shui lovetips for finding your perfect mate ... or for increasing the passion in your long-term relationshi… More »