Nicki Minaj Welcomes Kanye West’s Fashion Advice

By: Annika Harris / December 28, 2010

“He’s become my mentor, he gives me advice, he hits me, he takes random pictures off-line and says ‘Oh this is a good picture of you’. He’s really into fashion so he’s a good person to have a well-rounded conversation with.”

Nicki Minaj on her relationship with Kanye West. Come to think of… More »

Julie’s Best Posts Of 2010

By: The Frisky / December 28, 2010

While there are still a few days left in 2010, we’re going to feature some of our best and favorite posts from the last year. Each of your regular Frisky bloggers has picked out her 10 favorite posts from 2010—some you may remember well, others might have slipped past your radar. Either way, we hopeMore »

Your Daily Junk-Touching Career Opportunities

By: Julie Gerstein / December 28, 2010

Were you looking for a new career? Perhaps one that allows you to touch random stranger’s junk? We thought so. Allow us to present you with this helpful Venn diagram of possible junk-touching career options. Enjoy! [F**k Yeah Venn Diagrams]… More »

10 Gay Celebrity Couples Who Have Kids

By: !~~! / December 28, 2010

Have You Ever Been Robbed?

By: Annika Harris / December 28, 2010

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member Lisa Vanderpump and her constant four-legged companion, Gigolo, were robbed while staying at the Soho Grand Hotel in Manhattan. Here’s what Lisa had to say about the violation:

“I had four purses valued at just over $8,000 including two Christian Louboutins, one Louis Vuitton and one… More »

Unlikely Style Inspiration: Charlie Kelly From “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / December 28, 2010

This may be one of the unlikeliest Unlikely Style Inspirations ever, because as fans of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” know, the character Charlie Kelly is an illiterate bartender who favors ripped thermal underwear and snacks on cat food. But as crazy as it sounds, there’s something endearing about this strange little man, and–dare I… More »