The Conversacube Makes Dating Awkward People Easier

Crushing on a totally cute dude with absolutely no social skills? Then why not get a Conversacube to make conversation easy? The Conversacube, designed by artist Lauren McCarthy, aims to take the awkwardness out of first dates by providing users with an array of conversation topics. How it works: “As the conversation progresses, each person is personally prompted with directions or lines to keep the conversation running seamlessly with minimal awkward or uncomfortable moments. The microphones monitor audio levels of each participant and the cube responds accordingly, adjusting prompts to enliven, mediate conflict, or balance conversation as necessary.” Yes, we can think of a few guys we’ve dated who could have used this. And no, sadly, it is not actually available on the market. [Neatorama] Keep reading »

10 Celebrity Bathroom Shenanigans

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Last Saturday, Paris Hilton came out of a bathroom stall with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Davis at a party at Seth MacFarlane‘s house. A “spy” said that Paris went in to touch up her makeup, “Then Brandon squeezed in, and the two of them ducked into the stall behind the sink together.” Eventually, they “burst out together.” Sure, it’s possible that they were hooking up and that Paris cheated on her BF Cy Waits. But wouldn’t drugs be a more likely scenario? [NY Post]

I guess that bathrooms are one of the few places where celebs think they can get away with anything anymore, but according to some of the following stories—they didn’t! It’s time for celebrity bathroom shenanigans.

Collab Bag: Alexander Wang And Nike?

The latest in the designer collab rumor mill? Alexander Wang may be doing a collaboration with Nike. The only details out about it is that a “very credible source” says it’s true, which, uhhh … anyhow. Let’s just for a minute imagine the possibilities. Affordable Alex Wang sweats? We might actually be into sweating in them and unafraid to get them dirty. We’ll be staying tuned on this particular collaboration for sure.

What designer collabs are you dying to see? McQueen gym clothes? Prada x Adidas? Tell us your ideas! [Fashion Indie] Keep reading »

Lost In Space

As much as I adore this cosmic manicure, I also see it as a huge liability. It’s easy enough to slip into daydreams at my work desk without the distraction of tiny galaxies swirling across my fingernails. [via We Heart It] Keep reading »

10 Celebrities Naked, With Body Paint

Celebrities Naked, With Body Paint

Posing with body paint is almost exactly like posing naked, just with more creativity. I don’t know how you were celebrating “Titty Tuesday”, but this is what Coco was up to. She was getting all covered in body paint and becoming a Superhero. I’m not sure what her super powers are meant to be (mesmerizing mere mortals with her boobs?), but  I love the touch of the fireball shooting from her hand. Very menacing. She gets an “A” for originality. But Coco is hardly the first celebrity to make body paint art. Click through to see some more painted ladies.[Who Say]

Quickies: Christina Aguilera Speaks About Separation & Scary Spice Gets Naughty In Strip Club

  • Christina Aguilera has released a statement about her separation from Jordan Bratman. [Us Weekly]
  • Dude hacks teleprompter on local news. Hilarity ensues. [Double Viking]
  • While promoting “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” Oliver Stone said Michael Douglas is in a “precarious state” of health. [PopEater]
  • The Brazilian Blowout, a popular hairstyling product that straightens hair, might contain formaldehyde after all. [Coco & Creme]

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