Attn, Chicago: Topshop Moves To Chi-Town!

There’s good news for Chicagoans today! Word has it that Topshop will move into a Michigan Avenue location this spring. Americans have gone crazy for the fashionable British import ever since it set up shop in New York City’s Soho neighborhood in ’09. With its second U.S. location in Chicago, we wonder if we can expect to see a Topshop takeover in all our major capitals? If that’s the case, we’d definitely be down with a British invasion. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

8 Stars Channeling Justin Bieber

bieber michael buble jpg
Adorable crooner Michael Buble released the video for his song “Hollywood” today. And in it, he impersonates Justin Bieber—complete with hoodie, hot kicks and swirly hair—as he sings the lyrics, “Put it in your head, baby, Hollywood is dead.” As Michael explains, the song is “about celebrity culture and people’s dreams about fame and what can go along with that.” So, uh, what is he trying to say? That, within a year, Justin Bieber will be the punchline to a joke about the year 2010? Please! [PopEater]

But Michael is far from the only celebrity to channel the Bieb. After the jump, more famous folks channeling JB.

Japanese Inflatable Bosoms: Completely Bizarre, And Yet We Must Have Them

The following video is a bit hard to explain, but trust us, you will at first be perplexed, then mesmerized, and then in fits of laughter. It’s a demonstration of how to use Japanese inflatable, uh, boobies. Stick them on your shirt, and when you burst the inner packet, some chemical reaction occurs to make the balloons inflate. This is a gag gift, we assume. Unless you’re particularly prone to bumping into things and need airbags for your chesticle area. Either way, we’re kind of dying to try them. After the jump, check out some images and a similar (even creepier) product for guys—an inflatable swan-shaped boner to wear out of the fly of your pants. (We can’t think of any logical excuse for that one.) [Notcot] Keep reading »

The Last Place You Should Pick Your Nose Is During A Live Broadcast

Let this clip be a lesson to us all. Do not pick your boogers and eat them at work. Especially if you work in a newsroom and your desk is positioned directly behind the newscaster’s station because everyone will see you, including the viewers at home. Sure, you could try nonchalantly picking up the phone once you’ve realized what you’ve done, like the world did not just see you eat your boogers, but we won’t buy it. We saw. And we were grossed out. [via Dlisted] Keep reading »

8 Celebrity Couples Who Did Babies Before Marriage

kids first g1 jpg
The saying goes “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.” But celebrities do whatever the hell they want and sometimes just flip it. Just this weekend, our favorite jack***, Johnny Knoxville, married his girlfriend of two years, Naomi Nelson, just two days after proposing to her. However, the two welcomed son Rocko Akira Clapp last December. Knoxville, whose real name is Philip John Clapp, also has a teenage daughter from his previous 11-year marriage. [Celebrity Mania]

Knoxville is in pretty good company with other celebs who had kids and tied the knot later on. More after the jump.

Quickies: Willow Smith Goes To Milan Fashion Week & Lady Gaga Goes House Hunting

  • While most people have to rob, cheat, and steal to get into Milan Fashion Week, Willow Smith just whips on it like she belongs there. [The YBF]
  • Teresa Giudice has landed a deal to write another cookbook. [Eater]
  • Brazilian Maya Gabeira rides 50-foot swells better than most male surfers. [Lemondrop]
  • The owner of the company that makes Segways died after accidentally driving his Segway off a cliff. Yes, you read that right. [BuzzFeed]

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