Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Maximum Balloon To John Legend & The Roots

Hot damn, it’s another jam-packed Tuesday. This week, John Legend and The Roots will make you want to get naked; Maximum Balloon will blow yo mind; and Swans will make you wish your church/temple/mosque would use them as their house band. Plus, there’s brand-new Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s, Sharon Van Etten, Hundred In Hands, Brass Bed, and Maroon 5. So get those headphones on, girl, because after the jump there’s a whole lotta hot jams to hear! Keep reading »

Lady Gaga Does Her Best Richard Nixon Impression

Lady Gaga flashed the peace sign at a rally in favor of repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in Portland, Maine today. Interestingly, though Gaga is clearly a politically passionate individual, especially when it comes to social issues like gay rights, she isn’t so stoked on her fans expressing their opinions at her concerts. According to a security rider uncovered by The Smoking Gun, Gaga prohibits all “political banners” at her concerts. [The Smoking Gun] Keep reading »

10 People Who Are Famous For Losing Weight

famous weight loss g2 jpg
Jared the Subway Guy (i.e., Jared Fogle) lost 245 lbs. eating Subway and walking to his local branch every day. Although Jared was back in the news last year after gaining back 40 lbs., he got back on track to lose weight for his wedding this past August. It’s pretty amazing that you could build another overweight person from Jared’s weight loss, but it’s got to be a lot of pressure to have TMZ watching to make sure he doesn’t gain the weight back. [People]

Blind Item Time! Who’s The Cross-Dressing Academy Award Nominee With A Spanking Fetish?

If there is one thing we like more than an actor with a spanking fetish, it’s one with a cross-dressing and a spanking fetish. Do you have any idea whom this blind item might be referring to?

“This actor who was an Academy Award nominee/winner has been married for quite some time. While on the set of a recent movie he started having an affair with this actress who was a Golden Globe nominee/winner. Nothing really that juicy about the affair except for the fact the couple never had sex. Nope. Turns out our actor just likes to have our actress spank him while he wears some of her clothes.”

The Frisky does not — I repeat, does not — know the answer to this blind item, so don’t ask us. We’re just soliciting your gossipy opinions in the comments! [Crazy Days And Nights] Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: Patterned & Textured Tights

patterned tights 092110 g1 jpg
When it comes to keeping legs warm, black opaque tights do the job well. But black tights can get pretty boring really fast. Patterned and textured tights help emphasize the legs during the chilly fall and winter seasons. You don’t want to be caught in the cold, so get an early start with this patterned and textured tights shopping guide.

Show Off Your Own Situation

The Situation Shirt exists and it’s just begging to be worn by someone with a massive beer belly. [The Situation Shirt via The Daily] Keep reading »

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