Shopbop’s Sephora Palette Makes Life Easier!

By: Annika Harris / December 29, 2010, one of our favorite online sources for designer duds and accessories, and Sephora have released the limited-edition SEPHORA COLLECTION Palette Color Play 5 in 1 palette that was inspired by the Shopbop “Faces of Fashion” editorial look book. This makeup kit contains five distinct mini palettes based on the five fashion icons: “A Nod… More »

5 Stars Who Got Stranded In The Snowpocalypse

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / December 29, 2010

The worst part about the snowpocalypse was that no one was prepared for it. If I had known that Ed Westwick was going to be stranded at the airport in Iceland for 48 hours, I would have been waiting there to “entertain” him. But alas, the “Gossip Girl” bad boy “walked into the duty-free sho… More »

Oh, The Things You Can Buy At The Dollar Store

By: Simcha / December 29, 2010

Recently, while perusing the dollar store with a wad of ones burning a hole in my pocket, my friend Matt found this bath thing. Uh, what exactly is a “New Century Sanitarian Thing”? Dollar store, you so craaaaazy! More »

7 Celebs Worried About The End Of The World

By: Kate Torgovnick/ / December 29, 2010

Handbag Or Weapon?

By: Leonora Epstein / December 29, 2010

This piece by Dafne Balatsos looks more like a Super Mario Brothers weapon or medieval torture device than a handbag. For real—you could do some serious damage with this guy. And we’d bet TSA wouldn’t let you near a plane with it. [Trend Hunter]… More »

What’s The First Rule Of Ferris Club?

By: Ami Angelowicz / December 29, 2010

What would happen if Cameron from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” went off the deep end a la Tyler Durden in “Fight Club”? Find out in the mash-up film “Ferris Club.” Fathers’ cars everywhere … beware. This one is bound to become an instant classic. [Slashfilm]… More »