What Strippers Should Tell Their Parents

The Pussycats Private Adult Entertainment business in Albany, NY, has closed after being evicted from its space in a mini-strip mall. Apparently, on the portion of the lease where the leasee states what operations will take place on the property, the Pussycats’ owner wrote “in-store modeling for clients.” And actually, when you think about it, that’s what stripping is: women modeling clothes, however tiny, for whatever client happens to be seated in front of them. [Albany Democrat Herald] Keep reading »

The Matrimommy: Sometimes A Little Lie Doesn’t Hurt…

When you’re single, there’s not much need for secrets. You live on your own, pay your own bills and make your own decisions because you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. If you want that pair of $250 jeans but have no money, who says you can’t charge them? It’s you and only you that will suffer the consequences, so who the heck cares? Marriage, in many ways, means the end of this autonomy. That $250 pair of jeans? Someone else will likely see that you spent that much on them or recognize their presence, if not the Neiman Marcus bag they came in. And, odds are, he or she won’t be too pleased.

Before I got married, I engaged in all sorts of behaviors that I knew were dumb, but I chose to do anyway because I was my own boss. I knew my habitual enjoyment of Marlboro Ultra Lights and shopping extravaganzas completely incongruous with my paychecks were idiotic (The aforementioned jeans story? That was me. Every week.), but I didn’t care enough to stop. Once R. and I got hitched however, I realized I had to. We were living together now – sharing everything, and I knew I couldn’t be self-centered Chelsea anymore. Keep reading »

Sesame Seeds And Men’s Sexual Health: The Little Seeds That Might Help Men Spread Theirs

Sesame bagels are my favorite, and if I were a guy, eating them might help me in the sex department. That’s because sesame seeds are rich in the amino acid arginine, which is involved in making nitric oxide, a compound that enhances blood through arteries and even male body parts! More blood flow to certain appendages is a good thing. So, slip your man some sesame seeds (do you think the ones on top of hamburger buns count?) and see what happens — we just hope he doesn’t have a severe allergy like Ryan Phillipe’s character in Antitrust. Please tell me I’m not the only person who has seen this movie. [Parade] Keep reading »

First Time For Everything: Dating A Good Guy

I have dated losers of all stripes. Degenerate gamblers, pathological liars, cheaters, guys who can’t get it up, nymphomaniacs, older guys, younger guys, short guys, out of shape guys, steroid-pumping in-shape guys, musicians, baby daddies and waiters. I even had a brief affair with a Voice Over Artist. Yes, in a world where you can’t find a boyfriend, you have sex with a man who reads out loud – for a living.

Totally shockingly, in this vast, impressive portfolio of Y chromosome mediocrity, I have always ended up with the shit end of the stick. The common thread that weaves all these winners together (deep-seeded dysfunction aside) is the complete ambiguity that defined my relationship with each of them. We dated, often for months on end, but was he my boyfriend? I would be plagued with the flogging inner monologue of a quiz show – question after question after question. What was he doing when he wasn’t with me? How come he drinks so much? Why does he smell like Chanel No. 5 when I wear Stella McCartney? And where did all those track marks on his arms come from?

You know, typical pseudo-girlfriend type worries. Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: Natasha Bedingfield Opens For NKOTB And Justin Timberlake Learned About Love

  • Natasha Bedingfield is opening for New Kids on the Block on their upcoming reunion tour. Um, we kind of think it should be the other way around. [Reuters]
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    Quick Pic: Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong Go To See Iron Maiden

    Do you think they walked or biked? [New York City, 6/15/08]
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    For The Week Of June 16-22, 2008

    Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

    A power struggle between you and your honey is coming, most likely in regard to your families and/or home situation. Whichever the situation, someone needs to be the bigger person and ante up for the first round of negotiations. Obviously, if he were any kind of gentleman, it should be him, says you, tradition and yes, even the universe.

    Libra (September 23 – October 22)

    There is a lot of satisfaction found in gloating, so when the answers to questions you have been wondering come in and all prove you are indeed the brightest bulb on the block, go ahead and obscenely love your victory. Besides the fact that you earned every second of the spotlight, the added confidence will put you in line for some hot rewards.

    Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

    No one ever can predict what you’re thinking behind your spying eyes or where you’re heading off to next. Yes, mystery is your M.O. and that’s what you thrive on, have built your image on and gets you laid the most. Well, times up on this ole trick, at least for now, as switching up your act for a more in your face routine is what’ll keep the onlookers mesmerized.

    Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

    This will be one of those weeks that’ll be incredibly amazing with your boo or it’ll suck hard. If things have been going one way, expect the trajectory to stay the same, but move a lot faster. Whichever, you will hit a plateau this week that has you planning ahead for the future in a major way.

    Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

    Don’t bother resisting who ever it is that you’ve been hanging out with, because his reason to charm is genuine. Besides, why so be hard on yourself? This person only means to bring good into your life and if you want to mess that up, it’ll be up to you. Of course, with the promise of legendary sex and sweet affection, only an absolute tool would refuse.

    Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

    There are times in your life you just won’t be able to control what flies out of your mouth, much like this week. The good news is that the universe is on your side and even though you might initially feel some embarrassment over your confession, things will work out in your favor and what you reveal will be just what needs to be said to get you what you desire.

    Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

    Dealing with power hungry ho’s will tire you out and make you want to kill — and inadvertently, when this side of you comes out, it’ll be the biggest turn on for the one closest to you. You know it; this is your time to show you aren’t going to take crap from anyone. Unfortunately, you might not see results desired, but at the least, you will feel a hell of a lot better from the release.

    Aries (March 21 – April 19)

    Free your nastiest fantasies to your honey. The dirtier you get, the more liberating you’ll feel. After all, this is your time to show him who you really are — a depraved sex maniac that’ll go to any lengths to seek out a new thrill and taste a new flavor. Of course, after revealing your mysteries, realize it’s his turn then to show you if he truly is man enough for you.

    Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

    Some serious conversations are going to go down with you and another, but it won’t be someone too close to you, but more like an acquaintance. Whether this person is someone you want in your pants or not will be more apparent as the days go on and you learn what he is all about. However, realize it’s about the emotion behind the words rather than just what he is saying.

    Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

    Your light-hearted and jovial attitude is your selling point. However, when you find yourself falling, you seem to switch into acting detached rather than wildly in love. This will cause a problem. This week, there’s a full moon in your partnership house, which means time to cut out this bad habit. Even if it’s not your size, do try to wear your heart on your sleeve.

    Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

    Everybody loves instant gratification, but now is when you’ll be obsessed with it. Expect someone or something to catch your eye so hard that it’ll make you insane with drive and hope to possess it. Push all you want, but realize that you’re playing with forces beyond your control — which means, put it out there, but draw the line at being creepy.

    Leo (July 23 – August 22)

    A maturity test comes your way when an ex pops back into the scene and old feelings return. However, your current situation will have you keeping it in your pants, but your curiosity will have you crawling up the walls. Sure, love the drama he brings, but settle for the friendship — at least for now.

    Mike Myers Has A Man Crush On Justin Timberlake

    There are no words for how excited I am to see The Love Guru. My yoga class is really big into talking about gurus and I really think Mike Myers took the spirituality a little seriously when making this comedy. Anyway, he was on The Today Show this morning and got a little blushey when talking about his co-star, Justin Timberlake, who he cast as the villian in the film. Keep reading »

    Star Couplings: Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Did Not Get Married

  • Joel Madden posted a blog this weekend saying he married baby mama Nicole Richie. Just kidding! [Us Weekly]
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    Quick Pic: Happy Father’s Day!

    …to our dads and to our DILFS.
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