10 Animals In Asanas

yoga bear m jpg
Last week, we saw this Finnish bear doing her daily yoga stretches. Her form is flawless. If only my navasana looked like that. Om my God. Amazing. After the jump, some more animals practicing their asanas. Namaste.

Taylor Momsen Strips And Catches Fire In New Video

Taylor Momsen’s band, The Pretty Reckless, has just released the music video for its single, appropriately titled “Make Me Wanna Die.” In it, 17-year-old Momsen strips down to her skivvies and then catches on fire. Nudity! Pyro! Where are her parents?! [via Huffington Post] Keep reading »

You’ve Got A Little Something … There, And, Um, All Over

At her London presentation, Vivienne Westwood sent her models down the runway with swipes of blue and green face paint. Either that, or things got a bit messy at the backstage arts and crafts table. Keep reading »

11 Celeb Ladies Who’ve Rocked Out With Their Muff Out

katemoss 91810 g jpg
Just when you thought Kate Moss was getting too much exposure, she takes it to a whole ‘nother level. On the cover of French Photo‘s September issue, she’s doing exactly what made me so popular at the playground—well, except, I didn’t have see-through panties. Kudos to you, Kate, for owning the hot-pocket shot. And now, Ms. Moss belongs to a long line of celeb ladies who gave the cameras a flash of muff. Let’s take a peek at the loud and proud ladyflower company she’s joining.

At The Boys’ Club: How To Have A Multiple Sex Session

If you’re looking to have sex multiple times, AskMen has all the answers …

“One fantastic orgasm each night is more than most of us could hope for — but can you make her scream your name with multiple sex sessions until the sun comes up? It doesn’t get much more studly than that, does it? Unfortunately, having sex all night is not as simple or as easy as just showing up with a pile of lube at the ready.”

Read more Keep reading »

Kiss And Make Up With These 10 Runway Beauty Trends

alexandre h blue lips jpg
It’s a wrap! With the end of New York Fashion Week, we’re now honing in on the details. What stood out in terms of makeup schemes? We’d have to give Alexandre Herchcovitch the medal for “Look We’d Be Least Likely to Wear” with his blue and green-lipped models. After the jump some more wacky beauty trends from the runway!
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