Old-School Wednesdays: Aerosmith’s “Cryin’”

In this classic video for Aerosmith’s 1994 hit “Cryin’,” Alicia Silverstone is having a bad day. Her boyfriend, baby Stephen Dorff, cheats on her, her car breaks down, and a hot dude tries to steal all her stuff. So she does what any fed-up lady would — and goes “over the edge” to piss her ex-boyfriend off. Watch for the pre-”Clueless” Silverstone, and for the miles and miles of plaid flannel sported in this video. So good. [YouTube] Keep reading »

Celebs To Watch: Where Has Toby Hemingway Been Hiding?

toby hemingway m jpg
It is hard to compete with the allure of girl-on-girl action, especially when the ladies are Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. For that reason Toby Hemingway’s part in Darren Aronofsky’s film “Black Swan” has been somewhat overshadowed by the buzz about these two big female stars sharing a sex scene. Well, we are here to say Toby is worth your attention. The British actor has a fine arts degree from New York’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts that he has been putting to use in film and television since 2004, which means you have probably seen this beautiful blondie before. Check out some of his past roles after the jump, and hop on the Toby Hemingway bandwagon before he blows up.

America’s Grandparents, Anne Meara And Jerry Stiller, Talk About The Facebook

Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller are the funny parents of the also very funny Ben Stiller — and they want to talk to you about Spacebook. I mean, Facebook. Watch Meara tell Jerry, “My name is Melissa and I just got my period.” I could watch these two talk about fabric swatches and still laugh. And check out their second episode, where Meara calls “Jersey Shore”‘s Snooki “a little troll.” [Yahoo] Keep reading »

Style Icon Showdown: Marilyn Vs. Audrey

marilyn and audrey 9 28 m jpg
It seems no matter how drastically trends change and how many “it girls” Hollywood cycles through, we always come back to Audrey and Marilyn. One was a curvy sexpot, the other a lithe pixie, and while many of us have a strong preference (as a curvy blond I’ve always loved Ms. Monroe), both of these screen legends provide endless sartorial inspiration. Click through for some current-day pieces that will help you channel your favorite ’50s icon, whether you’re a member of Team Audrey or Team Marilyn. (And don’t forget to tell us which team you’re on!)

Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Rihanna’s Concert Look?

Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Rihanna's Concert Look?

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Money 101: How To Save For The Big Stuff

Let’s face it, saving money is a bitch. But all the big stuff in life — car, college, marriage, kids, travel — have equally big dollar signs attached. To minimize debt, saving for these expenditures ahead of time is important. Here are six effective strategies to set money aside — and keep it there. Keep reading »

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