Padded Underwear Gives Men A Bigger Bulge

They’ve already created a Spanx-like tummy-tucker undershirt for men, and now Marks & Spencer, the British version of Target, is introducing “bum lift” underpants, that claim to lift men’s bootays by about a fifth, and “frontal enhancement” underwear that uses an “integral shelf,” to give men what the company describes as a “38 percent visual enhancement in size.” Dave Binns, head of M&S men’s underwear, said: “Our technologists have worked hard to engineer two styles that are comfortable to wear and that give real results. These pants provide a real confidence boost for men and we think they will prove popular with our customers.”

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12 Random Things We Hate

hate smoothie jpg
The other day, we did a slideshow of celebrities with random aversions. We told you that Tori Spelling hates water, that Billy Bob Thornton is scared of antique furniture, and that Thomas Jane of “Hung” is extremely anti-shoe. This got us talking about the things we dislike. And—surprise!—our picks are equally as random. For example, I cannot stand smoothies. The texture is horrifying and makes me feel like I am being smothered. I like my beverages to be … liquid. Don’t even get me started on how gross it is when, at fancy restaurants, they bring you an amuse bouche of soup in a little glass and you’re supposed to drink it. Ick!

After the jump, more Frisky staff aversions.

At The Boy’s Club: When Guys Mess Up A Marriage Proposal

The boys at Asylum have a tale of a wedding proposal gone awry.

“Trey Turner and Kelsey Kramer have two things in common (besides repeat initials): 1) They are madly in love, and 2) were involved in one of the most disastrous marriage proposals we’ve ever heard of.

Turner took Kramer for a stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge last week to propose.”

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London Calling: Anglophile Accessories For Everyone

union jack coin purse 10 1 m jpg
My friend Kyle is spending three months studying abroad in London. Sure, I’m happy for him. But sometimes I post Facebook status updates about exciting events in my life, like “Today my Subway Sandwich Artist gave me an extra slice of provolone for free! Score!” Then I refresh the page and see that Kyle’s status is “Just played soccer with the bassist from Muse. Heading to a disco tonight after taking a ride on the London Eye and grabbing a pint with Prince Harry. Cheers!” And then I hate my life.

I figure the next best thing to actually being in London is immersing myself in Union Jack-themed accessories. After the jump, a plethora of options worth writing home about (and by “home” I mean Facebook). [Coin Purse, $4]

Why Do (Some) Girls Make Out With Other Girls In Public?

The guys over at Asylum think they’ve figured out why those two girls made out with each other in that bar last night while a group of guys watched.

“University of California, Santa Barbara, sociology professor Verta Taylor and feminist studies professor Leila J. Rupp examined the girls-making-out-with-girls phenomenon through a series of interviews with college-age women.

They found that there are four reasons women are now more likely to publicly lock lips …”

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Cape Town: 6 Coat-Style Cover-Ups We’re Craving

les3suissescape jpg
Amelia and I have been obsessing over this cape coat from French chain Les 3 Suisses. Unfortunately, the retailer doesn’t appear to ship to the States. But how perfect is the styling with the peacoat-inspired form, jewel tone tights, and little pumps? We got so into it that we had to go on the hunt for accessible versions so you could re-create the look. Check out these chic capes after the jump!
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