Would You Rather Give Up Sex Or The Internet?

Want to know how important the internet has become? A new study says women would rather be online than have sex. Researchers surveyed 2,119 adults and found that 46 percent of women and 30 percent of men would choose the internet over sex for two weeks. Interestingly, as women age, they become more likely to select surfing the ‘net than taking a roll in the hay, while the number of men choosing the internet over sex lowers as they get older (possibly because if they get any action, they’re not about to turn it down). This year, I did almost all my Christmas shopping online. I’ve found jobs, apartments, friends, dates, tickets, and a vintage owl necklace with rhinestone eyes while surfing the internet. I guess it’s good to know I’m not alone in my proclivities; I, for one, am in the “internet over sex for two weeks” camp. What about you? Would you rather give up sex or the internet for two weeks? [eFluxMedia] Keep reading »

Christina Aguilera’s Citizen K Cover Qualifies Her For 2008 Photoshop Awards

Christina Aguilera is nearly unrecognizable on the cover of the Fall/Winter issue of Citizen K magazine. One could peruse the full set before realizing the otherworldly looking blond is the pop-songstress, her facial features and body proportions rescaled, tweaked, and airbrushed into identity-altering dimensions. And these days, when it comes to the Photoshop awards, women are not the only contenders. Alongside Britney Spears, Madonna, and Jessica Alba, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are getting the Photoshopped-into-oblivion treatment, too. Feminists have long said that women are held to ridiculous expectations when it comes to their looks — but nowadays it seems like men are being expected to look a lot more like robots than humans. So what do you think? Are men increasingly being held to the same scrutiny as women in terms of their physical appearance? Keep reading »

Quickies!: Heidi And Spencer Have A Santa Threesome, World Recoils In Horror

  • On an “impromptu photo shoot,” Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt showed how much they’re in love by making out while Heidi sat on Santa’s lap. [Popbytes]
  • So you thought having an open relationship would solve all your relationship problems? Too bad you didn’t account for jealousy. Here’s how to close the door on jealousy in an open relationship. [YourTango.com]
  • Keep reading »

    The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Use Up Your Sick/Vacation Days

    If you’re a working girl, you have a certain number of days you can take off for vacation, illness, etc., and at a lot of companies, these days off don’t carry over into the next year. Make sure to use as many of your days as possible before the year ends — just don’t so much that your boss realizes you’re dispensable.

    See all the ways to make the most of the last 31 days of 2008 here. Keep reading »

    Playboy Finds Religion, Apologizes

    Holy Mother of God! The December issue of Playboy Mexico features what appears to be a sexy homage to the Virgin Mary, created to coincide with the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. In spite of the controversy the cover has caused, Playboy Mexico publisher Raul Sayrols refuses to apologize, asserting, “The image is not and never was intended to portray the Virgin of Guadalupe or any other religious figure. The intent was to reflect a Renaissance-like mood on the cover.” In that case, maybe the title shouldn’t have read: “We adore you, Mary!” In America, Playboy Inc. suggests a line may have been crossed, designating the shot the act of a vigilante licensee in Mexico, and offering an apology for the sins of their franchise. [Reuters] Keep reading »

    Festive Clutches Slideshow

    party bag1 jpg


    Holiday party season is upon us, and we have some advice for you on how to juggle a glass of champagne, a bacon-wrapped date hors d’oeuvre, and your handbag while trying to produce scintillating conversation. Exchange the giant purse you usually carry for a small, festive clutch. Then, stick it under your armpit and you’ll have two free hands for holding food, sipping cocktails, and shaking. Just don’t forget to wear deodorant or the thing might smell bad at the end of the night.

    Pebble Grain Wristlet, $6 [Old Navy]

    Spray-On Condom One Of The Year’s Best Ideas, Says New York Times Magazine

    Last weekend’s New York Times Magazine honored this year’s many innovations in its “Year in Ideas 2008″ issue. Alongside accolades for upside-down demolition, a vending machine for crows, and air bags for the elderly, there was praise for the spray-on condom. German entrepreneur Jan Vinzenz Krause came up with the idea for this perfect-fit condom while in a car wash. This year, 30 men have tested Krause’s spray-on latex invention, all to positive reviews. The only downsides are that it takes two minutes for the condom to dry and the spray is a bit cold. However, while the spray-on condom is a good idea, in theory — what guy wouldn’t want a condom that fits him just right and makes him more sensitive? — Krause said he doesn’t think his spray-on condoms will be commercially available any time soon. We’re hoping the good press will help change that. [NY Times] Keep reading »

    Guy Gets Dumped Via His Blog

    “Sean recorded private webcam conversations with his girlfriend and put them on his blog. When she finds out, things go from bad to worse.” I’m not going to spoil “Dumped” by saying too much about it, but suffice to say it’s about a guy who gets dumped, and it has a surprising twist. Thanks to Kasia at Current for sending it. Keep reading »

    Three Questions To Determine Your Authenticity

    “I know exactly who I am.” That was my immediate response.

    Your response is probably very similar … and you could not achieve success in any area of your life without a certain degree of self-awareness and self-confidence. In my own experience, my confidence was strong until the day I reflected more deeply on the question about who I am. Why? Because I sensed many professionals often exude a presence that just seems fake. Is their self-awareness and self-confidence based in fact or is it just a facade? Keep reading »

    Girl Talk: I Felt Financially Trapped In A Relationship

    For about four years in my mid-twenties, I dated and lived with a guy who was as wrong for me as a double-breasted blazer. He certainly wasn’t the only guy I ever got involved with who wasn’t Mr. Right, but he’s only one I stayed with about three years longer than I should have. I could cite plenty of reasons why it took me so long to leave him: he was comfortable, I was afraid of being alone, I got free turkey sandwiches at the restaurant he managed, but if I’m being honest, it was my financial dependency on him that made it so hard to end the relationship. Even now, I’m embarrassed to recall how I, an “independent woman,” allowed myself to be dependent on a man, but the truth is I was lazy and spoiled. Keep reading »

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