A Kiddie Coin Purse For Grown-Ups

We were about 4 years old when we started carrying a purse. And it contained very, very important things like Barbie shoes, hair clips, those plastic tables that come in delivery pizza boxes, pennies, and broken crayons. And guess what? Our kiddie bag looked pretty similar to this snap-lock Forever 21 coin purse. The great thing about this kitschy item—you can stock it with your more grown-up necessities, but the price is still in your toddler budget.

[$3.80 Forever 21]

Tyra Banks Gets Caught In A Web

This what Tyra wore to Vogue‘s 90th Anniversary Party last night. The theme was “masquerade,” so I guess this fishnet monstrosity is TyTy’s idea of a mask. Best of all, this ain’t no HIGH-FASHION designer fishnet face mask — Tyra DIYed this herself! She wrote on her Twitter:

So FRENCH VOGUE mask is sum cheap FISHNET stockings I got n crazy store n Paris! I cut em up n made it y’all. N did my ow hair n makeup.

The question is, what would Andre Leon Talley say? [Dlisted] Keep reading »

20 Celebs From New Jersey Who Are Way Cooler Than The “Jersey Shore” Crew

jerseyshore 93010 g jpg
For two seasons now, those “Jersey Shore” GTLers had been a fascinating source of amusement for me. Watching the show made me feel like Jane Goodall studying in da clubs. The cast members’ attitudes towards life seemed naively adorable, and it all seemed like a fascinating subculture. Heck, when someone called my pompadour a Snooki bump, I thought that was awesome. I liked the show so much that I turned a blind eye to the misogyny of the show—the “hippos,” the “landmines,” the “grenades.” Until last week’s episode finally broke me.

Believe me, I never thought I would ever stand up for Angelina, E.V.E.R. But then JWoww, Snooki, and the boys all called her a “whore” for doing exactly what the guys do every night—screwing whatever they can. Even JWoww, in her confessional, and I’m paraphrasing here, said she disapproved of Angelina’s sluttiness. That’s some girl on girl crime right there!

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that the cast and I would hate each other in real life, so why do I spend an hour a week listening to their crap? That’s it for me, folks. Forget you “Jersey Shore.” The worst part is that, except for Sammi, none of them are even from frickin’ Jersey! Curses on them for giving the Garden State a bad rep. The thing is, New Jersey actually has a lot of really talented sons and daughters. So, let’s focus our attention on these awesome peeps who represent Le Jerz proud and loud and fist pump free.

The Secrets Of Happiness

A dairy firm called Yeo Valley recently surveyed 4,000 adults in Britain about their lifestyles to determine what makes people happy. Think you know what the secret to happiness is? Lots of money? Sex? A happy relationship? Some of the answers may surprise you. Check ‘em out after the jump. Keep reading »

Everything You Missed At Roberto Cavalli’s 40th Anniversary Party

Not that you could have actually gotten in (it’s not you—you’re awesome), but it sounds like Roberto Cavalli‘s 40th anniversary fashion week party was completely fabulous. Here’s what you missed (but can daydream about for the rest of the day):

  • For starters it was in Paris (+1 amazingness point) in the beautiful École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of the Left Bank
  • Celebs like: Anja Rubik, Heidi Klum, blogger Bryan Boy, Tyra Banks
  • Live performance by the lovely Miss Kylie Minogue
  • A giant cake and confetti floating through the air
  • Lavish decorations and plates of delectable desserts. Plus champagne, of course

No idea how Roberto’s ever going to top that. [Fashionista, Jalouse Blog] Keep reading »

Dear Wendy Updates: “Keeping A Secret” Responds

It’s time again for “Dear Wendy Updates,” a feature where people I’ve given advice to in the past let us know whether they followed the advice and how they’re doing today. After the jump, we hear from “Keeping a Secret,” who got pregnant by her boyfriend of four months while practicing the rhythm method as their only birth control. “I don’t want to burden him with this pain,” she wrote, “and I feel that I’m responsible for the mess I’m in right now since everything leading to it was my decision. I want to act as if this never happened but I’m afraid if this man does end up being the person I marry, I may regret keeping it from him for the rest of my life.” I/we tried to tell her that her boyfriend was as responsible for the pregnancy as she was, and it wasn’t her job to protect him from the “burden.” After the jump, find out whether she decided to tell him or not. Keep reading »

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