Darren Criss Says He Looks Like A Bum In Real Life

By: Kate Torgovnick/Kate-Book.com / December 10, 2010
"I look very different from [Blaine]. He has slicked-back hair, while I have really curly hair. And I never shave. I’m kind of a bum.” —Darren Criss, i.e., Kurt's prepster love interest on "Glee," says that in real life, he doesn't look much like his character. We're sure both versions are adorable. [… More »

20 Celebs In Garters

By: Ami Angelowicz / December 10, 2010

Fashion Flashback: Swinging London

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / December 10, 2010
These teens hanging out in London in 1969 so perfectly illustrate the big trends of the time: bright stripes, slim suits, impossibly over-sized sunglasses, berets, and Paul McCartney haircuts. And check out the girl in the background rocking a striped men's tie and plaid miniskirt. Be still, my vintage-loving heart! More »

10 Bangin’ Bisexual Guys

By: Julie Gerstein / December 10, 2010

Quickies: Chelsea Handler Takes Another Shot At Angelina Jolie & Jessica Simpson Is Getting A Prenup

By: The Frisky / December 9, 2010
Chelsea Handler is still talking ish about St. Angie. [The Superficial] "Pretty Wild" chick Alexis Neiers is going to rehab for a year, not jail, following a heroin bust. [TMZ] Take a first look at the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, starring a pregnant Penelope Cruz alongside… More »

5 Weird Ways To Get In The Mood

By: The Stir / December 9, 2010
Even though we look forward to the holidays as a well-deserved break from the daily grind, it can still be difficult to get "in the mood" when you're fighting mall traffic and dealing with relatives. In fact, feeling tired and stressed is probably the number one libido-killer. That's why it couldn't hurt to lean o… More »