Versace’s “Modelgeddon”: Scary? Hilarious? Both?

Are fashion videos supposed to mean something? We kind of feel like brands and artists haven’t exactly figured out what the medium is supposed to do or say. Take, for example, this clip made by Love magazine and Versace, which features models in a doomsday/end-of-the-world scenario. We keep expecting to see Bruce Willis pop up to save the day. (Alas, alas.)

What do you think? Funny? Terrifying (for reasons other than the scene itself)? Cool? [The Daily Beast] Keep reading »

Check Out The Johnny Cash Project

Even if you aren’t a Johnny Cash fan — wait, you aren’t? Why not?! — you can still appreciate The Johnny Cash Project, an amazing “crowd-sourced music video” for Cash’s posthumous recording of “Ain’t No Grave.” What makes this video so special is that it’s created by animations made by the public. Viewers are invited to draw or trace specific frames of the video using digital brushstrokes, an interactive application designed for the project. The result is a “living, moving, and ever changing portrait of the man in black” — a beautiful piece of community art definitely worth checking out. [via The Johnny Cash Project]
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Dear Wendy: “I’m A Selfish Girlfriend”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for nine months, and for this whole period, his mother, who lives several states away, has been very sick with cancer. Because this is such a difficult situation for him, I have tried to be understanding when things do not go my way. (I was not always selfless; during the first seven months, I would get upset when we didn’t have sex at least once a week or when he canceled our plans last minute.) In the last two months, his mother’s condition has taken a turn for the worse, and we do not know how much longer she has. I want to be supportive and as “there for him” as I can, but in these last two months he has not wanted to see me at all. The only interaction we have besides text messaging is when I’m picking up or dropping off his dog so I can dog-sit for him when he needs to go out of town to see his mother. I volunteer for this duty as it’s the only thing he lets me do to help him. The problem is, I can’t stop getting angry about him not wanting to see me, and I then voice that anger in the form of text message. He says he wants to be alone or is too in his own head to see me even though he still occasionally hangs out with his guy friends. I think that this anger is at least partially caused by me not knowing how to act in this situation. How do I get over this selfish anger? Do you have suggestions for how to act in this situation? — Selfish Girlfriend

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Pretty Package, Super Delicious Smell

When it comes to beauty products, they can promise everything under the sun. But let’s get real: All that really matters is that the packaging looks enticing and the product smells pretty good. The Absolis line from French beauty company Patyka does just that. The bottle of the Absolis Neroli Brightening Body Milk is art deco and gorgeous, and the scents — everything from Neroli orange to white grape to mint — are practically edible.

[$49.00 Ecocentric]

Say What, Don Draper?

For a guy with all the answers, Don Draper still has a lot of questions. Here, to tide you over until the next season of “Mad Men,” is gorgeous Don Draper expounding on just “what” the heck is going on. Lord knows he has no idea. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Your Handy-Dandy Guide To Sexism In The 2010 Elections

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