When The Weather Outside Is Frightful, Try This Sleeping Bag-Like Suit?

By: Leonora Epstein / December 26, 2010
We're reluctant to admit this ... but upon seeing this sleeping bag-like down suit, we emitted an audible "Oooh." Because if fashion didn't matter at all, we'd be so much happier walking around in one of these for the winter months rather than our peacoats. Because, really, people: peacoats do not keep you warm. And… More »

Who Has The Bigger Penis?

By: The Stir / December 25, 2010
The saying that "Everything is bigger in Texas" may extend beyond belt buckles and cowboy hats. The medical journal Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine reported results on a survey of 6,200 boys that shows a "modest though significant difference … with respect to penile size between urban and rural populations." To put it bluntly,… More »

It’s A Bit Nippy Out

By: Simcha / December 25, 2010
That is the most clever thing ever done with a nipple. And coming from us Frisky gals, that really means something... [WOW Report]… More »

Industry Report: Victoria Beckham’s Handbags Sell Out And Chanel Polishes To Come

By: Leonora Epstein / December 25, 2010
Did you know Victoria Beckham has a handbag collection in addition to her fashion empire? Sorry—even if you want one, they're gonna be hard to get. The styles have already sold out on Net-A-Porter. [Catwalk Queen] Catch up on your fashion industry news from this past year. Fashionista has the top 10… More »

Jingle Dog Rock!

By: Simcha / December 25, 2010
Move over, Keyboard Cat; Jingle Rock Dog has got some serious chops, and chompers. Look out, Santa, you might get bitten by the cuteness too! More »

10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Be Single During The Holidays

By: Simcha / December 25, 2010
Being single around the holidays can get you extra seasonally depressed. Everywhere I go, I see couples choosing knickknacks together, making out in front of store windows, and drunkenly leaving parties early so they can go off and do it. Barf! Just kidding, it’s totally cute. I’ve been there and I’ve had a great time… More »