The Sex Rules You Should Break

Here are nine commonly swallowed sexual misconceptions, and the truth, which shall set your sex life free. Oh, and since we all know there can be too much of a good thing (think: Matthew McConaughey, shirtless), we recommend you not trot them all out tonight, lest your regular bedfellow suddenly wonder whom he brought home. Of course — and this should go without saying — safety first, ladies. Read more Keep reading »

Inspiration Board: Kim Kardashian’s Fresh Face

kimkardashian 110110 m jpg
We love Kim Kardashian’s fresh makeup look. Often she is seen with dewy skin, a perfect touch of shimmer, and a healthy peach glow at the apples of her cheeks. We’ve put together some great products that can give you a flawless look, for a fraction of the price that Kim (or her makeup artist) spends. After the jump, take a look at what we’ve picked, and let us know — what’s your makeup regimen?

Malin Ackerman Girl Crushes Hard On Jennifer Aniston

“Jennifer is one of my favorite people now. Not only is she an extraordinary actress—she is such a loving, genuine woman and fun. You want her to be your best friend. She’s amazing. It’s funny, because I kind of expected her to be amazing. I would have been more surprised if she hadn’t been the great, down-to-earth girl that she is.”

Malin Ackerman describes her extreme girl crush on Jennifer Aniston. Does somebody want to wear Jen as a skin suit? [People] Keep reading »

How To Get Big, Sexy Hair

It’s a trend we often only see on the red carpet, but is now making its way to the streets — big, sexy, voluminous hair. And according to celebrity stylist and Hair Basics expert Ted Gibson, extra-large locks are easy to achieve (not to mention a great juxtaposition to skinny jeans). Read more Keep reading »

Would You Wear: Topshop’s Stud Headband?

Here at The Frisky we love headbands and we love studs. But are the two combined just too much? Part of me says the idea is cool, and the black studs on black jersey is a good idea, but even if you did want to rock this style, 50 bucks is a high price to ask for something that could easily be DIY’d. And more than likely, people will ask if you got it at Hot Topic not Topshop. But that’s just my opinion. So, what do you think — would you wear it? [$50, Topshop] Keep reading »

10 Amazing iPhone Auto-Correct Fails

autocorrect fail g1 jpg
It never ceases to amaze me how positively confused the iPhone’s auto correct function can be. I don’t know many times I’ve been rushing to type a text to a friend or dude and had the auto correct turn “cook” into “c**k” or “dream” into “drunk.” But other unlucky folks have faced far worse auto-correct fails and the best of the best are featured on the hilarious blog Damn You Auto Correct! Here are 10 of my faves, starting with this shocking message a dad sent to his son.
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