7 Cool Cakes From “Ace Of Cakes”

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After 10 seasons on the air, it looks like one of our fave food shows, “Ace of Cakes,” has been canceled. We love head cake guy Duff and his adorable team of punk rock bakers and have enjoyed watching them do totally otherworldly things with fondant and buttercream over the years. After the jump, we collected some of our favorite unbelievable Charm City Cakes designs.

Gobble, Gobble, Slurrrr: Yes, Vodka-Infused Turkey Exists

Some prefer their turkey day drunkenness to transpire on the couch with a dozen relatives and a football game. Others prefer their alcohol shot directly in the bird. Georgi Vodka and several New York City restaurants have infused a turkey with five different types of vodka and prepared a 100-proof vodka gravy to serve on the side. The flavors of peach, cherry, orange, lemon and apple vodka render this recipe slightly less disgusting, but not by much. Keep reading »

Our Favorites From The French Connection Holiday Collection

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French Connection was inspired by a fancy pajama party for its holiday collection, so most of the fabrics are soft and luxurious like a favorite, worn-in pair of PJs. While most of the garments are done in neutral tones — black, grayish silver, and beige — the retailer threw in a bit of light blush pink. Sequins and rhinestones adorn some pieces, too. Not only are these fashions appropriate for your holiday party needs, but they’ll also take you through the winter and possibly spring and summer. Check out our favorites from the French Connection holiday collection.

Undertakers Design “Gay” Coffins

The gay rights movement has received a lot of opposition from conservatives this year, but other people are looking to sell them stuff. Namely two undertakers in Cologne, Germany, who’ve started offering coffins for the gay market. And their idea of “gay” coffins apparently consists of $2,300 caskets covered in pictures of mostly naked, muscly dudes in “athletic poses inspired by Italian Renaissance paintings.” Keep reading »

Leonardo DiCaprio Makes An Emergency Landing And Other Plane Frights Of The Rich and Famous

Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t think the skies were so friendly this weekend. He was on a Delta commercial flight to Moscow from New York’s JFK when, a few minutes after takeoff, one of the jet’s engines blew. Several witnesses on the ground called emergency services to say the plane was on fire, but the pilots had it under control. While the lights went out in the passenger cabin, they used the jet’s good engine to circle the airport for an hour and dump enough fuel to safely land the debilitated plane. Leo put out a statement via his rep about the incident today. “[Leonardo] wishes to commend the actions of the pilot and flight crew in bringing the plane to a safe landing,” it read.

Leonardo is far from the first celebrity to be on a very scary flight. After the jump, tales of celebrity plane rides gone turbulent. Some of them have happy endings, and very sadly, some do not. Keep reading »

A Cat Pilgrim’s Progress

Few historians recall the contributions of the cat pilgrims, a small but powerful band of felines who made the perilous journey to the New World along with the regular people pilgrims. Nonetheless, when William S. Catford II and the rest of his merry band of pilgrim cats made their maiden voyage on the Mayflower, the course of history was changed fur-ever. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

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