Oct. 20: What Are We Wearing Today?

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Some of our outfits have a vintage feel today, but the pieces were purchased from regular mall stores. Don’t forget to tell us what you’re wearing in the comments and send your photos and info to WhatAreYouWearing@TheFrisky.com.

Former Playmate Charged With Attempted Murder

In 1968, Angela Dorian was Playmate of the Year. And today … she’s in jail for attempted murder. Keep reading »

11 Celebrity Couples Who Didn’t Have Prenups

11 Celebrity Couples Who Didn't Have Prenups

“I want to make our wedding just about me and her loving each other. We want to get married in front of our friends and family and keep it normal. It ain’t about selling the pictures, it ain’t about doing no prenup.”

That’s what Russell Brand had to say back in October 2010, just days before he wed Katy Perry in an extravagant ceremony in India. Now, of course, it seems like Brand lucked out, at least financially. Last Friday, the comedian filed for divorce from Katy Perry (who didn’t want to file herself and offend her extremely religious parents) and the couples’ assets are up for grabs. Brand apparently stands to make, gulp, an estimated $20 million from the pop star’s fortune because, under California law, the state’s community property clause splits money and property acquired during the union 50/50 when there isn’t a prenup. Someone should have told Katy that rich “California Girls” cover their assets before walking down the aisle. It remains to be seen, of course, how this will actually play out in court and whether Brand will actually go for “his” half of Katy’s fortune. [Hollywood Life]

After the jump, more celebs who got married sans prenups. Spoiler alert: Most of their stories don’t end so well.

What’s The Craziest/Best Halloween Costume You’ve Ever Seen Or Worn?

Halloween is one of those days out of the year meant for creating hilarious memories. (Or completely stupid ones. We admit that we have plenty.) We decided to reflect on Halloweens past to share some of the wilder things we’ve experienced. After the jump, Frisky editors reveal some of the best and most hilarious costumes they’ve seen—or worn themselves! Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your costume contest. Either way, share your own and join in on the fun! Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: Flannel From Head To Toe

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One of the things I look forward to every fall is being able to wear my favorite plaid flannel shirt. It’s very cozy, goes with most of my pants, and is slightly fashion-forward because it has a feminine cut and pintucking on the sleeves. I’d wear that shirt everyday if I could. In honor of my favorite shirt, I went hunting for other flannel pieces to add to my wardrobe–and maybe yours. And make no mistake, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill Buffalo plaid shirts (not that there’s anything wrong with those). These fashion items use flannel in an unusual, slightly fashion-forward way that is still wearable. Keep clicking to check ‘em out.

Isaiah Mustafa Surfs, Looks Sexy

The caption for this photo reads: “Surfs Up, Isaiah Mustafa rides into Sydney to Launch Windows Phone 7 on Bondi Beach.” I have a better one. How about “Isaiah Mustafa shows of bulging muscles in wet, clinging surf-wear to the delight of women around the world.” [10/19/20, Australia] Keep reading »

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