Cheapskate: Warm Wool Coats For $150 Or Less

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A wool coat can’t be beat in the winter, but if you’re like me, then you don’t have upwards of $300 to spend on a coat that is both chic and functional. I learned last year that a change of buttons can make an affordable coat look expensive. And also that a coat in a non-bulky wool will keep you from overheating when you layer. A fleece vest, like this one from L.L. Bean, will also keep the wind at bay. Elbow-sleeve gloves make a three-quarter sleeve coat more functional too. These are just a few tips to keep in mind as you browse through the following wool coats–all priced at $150 or less.

It’s A Bird, A Plane, A Flying Cat!

The heart wants what it wants. And in the case of Hermes the cat, the heart wants to fly. In this video from Hermes’ owners, the kitty enjoys a few flying leaps onto a queen size mattress. Ah, sweet satisfaction. [Urlesque] Keep reading »

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Could Be Your Next Vice President

Female vice presidents haven’t been successful IRL. Apparently, it’s easier to get them “elected” on TV. HBO has picked up a new comedy called “Veep,” set in Washington, D.C., which focuses on Senator Selina Meyer “who finds being Vice President is nothing like she expected and everything everyone ever warned her about,” according to Julia Louis-Dreyfus is in talks to play the lead now that “The New Adventures of Old Christine” is off the air. Now, whom shall we cast as the knocked-up teenaged daughter and no good baby-daddy boyfriend? [Deadline] Keep reading »

The $8M iPhone And Other Insanely Expensive Gadgets To Laugh At

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No need to be shy—we know you have an extra $8 million or so laying around that you need to drop on something. How about real estate? A good investment but kind of boring. Buy a hot internet start-up? Eh, we’re over our Steve Jobs rivalry. But what about spending it all on a money (yes, we’re using that word as an adjective to mean “cool”) iPhone? Now we’re talking. Friends, meet the Stuart Hughes-designed iPhone 4 case, a rose gold number with a diamond-encrusted Apple logo and border. If you happen to have some spare cash leftover after your purchase, check out these sound investments after the jump. [StyleFrizz]

Presenting Kim Kardashian’s First Song, “Shake”

Remember how we told you a hot second ago that Kim Kardashian was headed into the recording studio in her quest to go from reality TV star to singer? Well, she’s already done with her first single! Ha! Think of all those stupid musicians out there who spend days, weeks, months, years writing music — Kim has just gotten started and she already has her first song done. Slackers! Anyway, presenting “Shake,” sung by Kim Kardashian and the wizardry of auto-tune.

UPDATE: Oh hey, guess what? You can go back to hotly anticipating Kim’s first single, because apparently the warbling on this track isn’t her. [Celebuzz] Keep reading »

Drive ‘Em To Drink: Guy In Breathalyzer Costume Busted For DUI On Halloween

Remember how I warned you about 22 costumes that wouldn’t get you laid, and one of them was this here Breathalyzer? Well, what I forgot to mention was you also shouldn’t get wasted in this get-up and then attempt to drive home. Unfortch, 19-year-old Nebraskan Matthew Nieveen didn’t see the hilarious irony of getting arrested for a DUI on Halloween dressed like this … or maybe he did. He was pulled over and thrown in the detox slammer with a French maid and naughty border patrol agent. Wait, that’s a punishment? Sounds like the makings of an awesome porno! Well, I guess young Mr. Nieveen should just be especially glad that unlike the costume Breathalyzer, the police one isn’t in someone’s crotch. [Best Week Ever]
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