Shopping Guide: 10 Cool Coral Looks

Julie Gerstein / April 10, 2011

The Best & Worst Looks Of The Week!

Julie Gerstein / April 10, 2011

11 Characters Who Are Bringing Their Shows Down

TV Squad / April 10, 2011

Sue Sylvester. Pierce Hawthorne. Ann Perkins. They’re showstoppers, that’s for sure, but not for the reason you might be thinking.

You see, sometimes, even great shows have characters that mess with the flow of a seemingly perfect episode. They can bring an entire show to a halt with a scene. It’s a peculiar tale,… More »

Tameka Foster Talks About The Liposuction That Almost Killed Her

“[My nanny] was telling me how people would get [plastic surgery in Brazil] and they would snap back so fast. And I just had a little pooch. I’ve always been a person who has been into my body and staying fit. And I had a baby, like, three months earlier. And I’m not going to… More »

Liquid Stockings Look Fun

Ami Angelowicz / April 10, 2011

Tell me more about these Liquid Stockings. Is it like getting a pedicure but on your entire leg? If so, then I’m in. [Vintague]… More »

Fergie: New Solo Album Can Wait, It’s Hubby Time

PopEater / April 10, 2011

Fergie hopes you know that this has nothing to do with you. It’s personal — she’s got some figuring out to do.

Although only last year, the singer-actress said of her family life, “You can be a mother and still be completely sexy … [but] right now, I don’t want anything clouding my focus,”… More »