Quickies: Hollywood Still Shocked And Offended By Ricky Gervais

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / January 18, 2011
Somehow, people are surprised that Ricky Gervais was "offensive" as host of the Golden Globes, but despite lampooning everyone from the cast of "The Tourist" and Robert Downey Jr. to gay Scientologists and Bruce Willis ("Ashton Kutcher's dad"), he managed to survive the whole affair. Not that he'll be asked back to host a second… More »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Music Releases, From The Decemberists To Social Distortion

It's new tunes Tuesday, and some lovely albums are waiting to be downloaded or, gasp, bought at the record store. This week, The Decemberists release a new one, even though it's technically January; Social Distortion is back and ready to give you cold feelings in the night; James Blunt croons some more; and Braids inspire… More »

Today’s Lady News: High School Finds List “Ranking” 50 Girls

By: Jessica Wakeman / January 18, 2011
A list ranking 50 female students and their body parts at Oak Park River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois, has been intercepted by administrators. The list also refers to the girls with racial slurs. [WGNTV] A Kentucky court has ruled that minors from other states can ask KY judges for permission to have… More »

Christian Bale Really Wanted To Do His Own Stunts In “The Fighter”

"I just got up there and I went, 'I'm jumping' ... I've jumped from three-story buildings in my own life after bad parties and stuff. The insurance came around ... and they were just begging me not to." —Christian Bale says he was annoyed that he wasn't allowed to do his own stunts in "The… More »

The Daily Ovulation: I Hope My Daughter Speaks French And Has A Bob

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / January 18, 2011
Little kids are basically always adorable, but certain traits are bound to make any childless woman's uterus do cartwheels. For example, a child retelling a classic story, like Winnie-The-Pooh, with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Or a little girl with a perfectly "Amelie"-esque bob haircut. Or a wee voice speaking in perfect French. This little girl has all… More »

Photoshop Fail: Vogue Wonkifies Kristen Stewart

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / January 18, 2011
Vogue may be the biggest fashion magazine in the world, with the most talented photographers and retouchers at their disposal, but even they are capable of tragic Photoshop butchery. Poor cover girl Kristen Stewart. She's been rendered almost unrecognizable in one of the photographs featured in the February issue. Surely Anna Wintour didn't approve this?! More »