Her 10 Best Looks: Hilary Swank

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“Conviction” star Hilary Swank always looks stunning. Surprisingly, she doesn’t rely on sparkly jewelry or over-the-top accessories, like many other Hollywood heavy-hitters. All she needs is her megawatt smile.

Gavin Rossdale’s Gay Lover Speaks Out

Gavin Rossdale admitted in Details‘ November issue that he did have a “one-time experimentation” with drag queen and singer Marilyn when he was 17 years old. But according to Marilyn, that’s not the whole story. Marilyn tells In Touchthat he and Gavin were “experimenting” for a really, really long time. Keep reading »

Oct. 14: What Are We Wearing Today?

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Today’s the first day this week that the entire in-office editorial staff (except for one of us) is in the office. Woohoo! You know the drill — check out what we’re wearing, tell us what you’re wearing, and send us a photo.

Brett Favre’s Penis Receives Karmic Punishment It Deserves

Recently, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was accused of sending dirty texts and purported photographs of his penis to several women associated with the Jets when he played for that team. Coincidentally, yesterday Mr. Favre was hit in the groin by an errant football during team practice. It looks like that didn’t feel so good! Sorry, Brett. That karma was so much better served when it didn’t bite you in the butt but hit you in the wang. [GorillaMask.net] Keep reading »

11 Women Hospitalized For Spiked Drinks At Washington College Party

Scary times: 11 women were hospitalized after being possibly drugged with “roofies,” the date rape drug, at a Central Washington University college party on Saturday night in Washington state.

Police said 50 people attended an off-campus party and many of them began falling over and passing out after just one or two drinks. “Their level of intoxication just didn’t seem to make sense,” the police chief told CNN Radio. A bottle of vodka may have been spiked with an unknown substance and then distributed to partygoers, cops said, because kids who brought their own alcohol or drank beers from cans were fine. Given how almost all of those hospitalized were women, police say that women may have been targeted — possibly for sexual assault. Keep reading »

How To Wear Brooches Without Looking Like An Old Lady

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Brooches present a unique styling challenge. Thrift stores, vintage boutiques, and websites like eBay and Etsy are teeming with gorgeous, sparkly specimens, but simply pin one on your lapel and you run the risk of getting herded onto a bus bound for the nursing home. Here are a five fun, pretty ways to wear these misunderstood accessories without emulating your great aunt Doris (no offense, Doris).
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