I Got A Vagina Facial

vagina photo

OK, I didn’t get a vagina facial — or “vagacial” — or “Peach Smoothie,” as it’s called — but Alex Kuczynski’s personal story for Harper’s Bazaar of getting one was so freakin’ intimate that I feel like I got one by proxy. What the hell is a vagacial, you ask? It’s a facial. Except it’s on your vagina. Like, if someone was going to see your vagina, and you wanted it to look fresh and new, you could get a Peach Smoothie. Yes, there is one more beauty regime you must now worry about not having done yet. Don’t worry. Your vagina can wait. Keep reading »

6 Super Geeky Ways To Tote Your Tech Stuffs

iphone boxers jpg
Some people are so attached to their phones that they sleep with them by their side. (Hell, sometimes we’re even guilty of doing this.) But are you so obsessed with your cell that you’d put it some place even more personal? Like … your underpants? For guys who like to stay wired at night while pants-less (we suppose?), there are these iPhone pocket boxers from Scottevest. (If you want to see them in gratuitous action, there’s this video of the company’s CEO and “underwear model” showing them off.)

After the jump, more unapologetically dorky ways to tote your iPad, iPhone, and other tech gear! [Gear Junkie]

Google, Coming To A Closet Near You

Whispers are furiously circulating that Google will be launching an e-commerce entity which will become fashion’s next big thing. The speculation is based on a few leading hints. One, a Tweet picked up by WWD: “Breaking news: Google is launching an e-commerce site with shop in shops by major designers #google #theyrgonnabepissed #geturshopon,” which, uh, is pretty straightforward. Second, Google is holding a fashion industry party this week, where the company is expected to make some sort of announcement. If you ask us, Google hosting a fashion cocktail party isn’t exactly your ordinary pairing, so it sounds like something is up.

If this is the high design endeavor that we think it will be, we’ll be betting that our online shopping habits might change quite a bit. Google, with its power to find what you can’t and round up massive amounts of info, might just be the go-to for any wardrobe addition. We’ll see. [The Thread] Keep reading »

Finally, Check Out Tom Ford’s Spring 2011 Collection

At long last, we get to see designer Tom Ford‘s much discussed and totally secreted away collection for spring 2011. Six years ago, Ford resigned from his dual post as creative director of Gucci and YSL, leaving ’70s-loving ladies filled with sadness. In the interim, Ford created his own brand, hawking fragrances and eye wear, opened a series of menswear retail stores, and made the critically acclaimed “A Single Man,” for which leading man Colin Firth was nominated for an Academy Award. But it wasn’t until this September that Ford returned to women’s wear with a fashion show that only a select few were allowed to see, which featured models like Beyonce and Julianne Moore, and from which photographers were barred, save one. Now, Vogue has the first images of the collection and a profile of the designer, who’s committed to helming his brand his way. [Vogue] Keep reading »

6 Sexy Foreign Celebs Turned Models

pierre 111210 m jpg
Pierre Sarkozy, son of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, is so fine, he has just blown our mind. Check him out modeling for Philipp Plein. OK, ignore the pants — he’s European. Just focus on that manly jaw, the tousled, sun-kissed surfer locks, those perfect pouty lips .. ah!

Le sigh, the only French I know is croissant. But man, foreign hotties make me want to speak the international language of love all night long! Especially when they turn into models. Check out more dreamy international superstars, strutting their stuff in sexy high-fashion ads.

Ellen Says Same-Sex Dancing No Big Deal

“I think it’s weird. It’s not a romantic thing. It’s an art form and in dancing it doesn’t matter. We are just so used to seeing a man and woman dancing together.”

Ellen DeGeneres on the rumors that wife Portia de Rossi might be part of the first same-sex dance couple on “Dancing With the Stars,” before adding that Portia hasn’t decided whether she’ll be on the show yet. Fingers crossed that she does! [Perez Hilton] Keep reading »

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