DIY Holiday Gift Roundup

A couple weeks ago I asked you to share your DIY holiday gift suggestions. If you plan on making your own gifts this year, you should probably get started this weekend if you haven’t already. After the jump, a round-up of some of the best reader suggestions if you’re still looking for inspiration. Keep reading »

Non-Tacky Holiday Greeting Cards

holiday 2010 greeting cards jpg
The holiday season: the one time of year that you actually write a letter and send it as opposed to sending an email. So make it a good one, impress friends and loved ones, and send it off with a classy cover. Choose from these cute card sets to get you started!

I’m A Guy With A Sugar Mama

When I was working as an English professor, my fiancée ran a medium-sized company and made 15 times as much money per year as I did—before her bonus. Like many men, I’m proud and competitive. I had already accepted that I wasn’t going to earn more in my lifetime than my father. Now I blanched when I wanted to take my darling to dinner: would we go to the kind of place she’s used to, which I couldn’t come close to affording, or would she be willing to slum it with me again? Keep reading »

Poll: What Do You Wear On A First Date?

What do you wear on a first date?

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8 Celebrities Who Had Awesome Excuses To Miss Premieres Or Parties

excuses ewan mcgregor jpg
Ewan McGregor missed the premiere to his new movie “I Love You Phillip Morris,” which also stars Jim Carrey. Apparently, McGregor planned on coming to the premiere, but he was in Thailand, where he is filming a movie about a tsunami, and he got trapped there because of a monsoon. Yeah, that’s a pretty awesome excuse not to go anywhere … between the monsoons and the tsunamis, there is really no one to blame! You can’t make this stuff up. [NY Daily News]

We rounded up a few other celebs who had awesome reasons to miss premieres or parties!

Dear Wendy: “Should I Pursue A Long-Distance Relationship Or Move On Already?”

I have been talking to this guy for a few months now. We were good friends in college and reconnected via Facebook and upgraded our flirtatious banter to texting and phone calls. He lives about four hours away from me (I realize this is not really that long distance considering you moved across the country for a guy). We have each visited each other once in the last two months. Both of us have spoken candidly about wanting to date but it’s always under the pretext of “if you lived here.” He’s asked me to move in with him numerous times, and while I know I wouldn’t do that on a whim, I would be willing to do long-distance for a little while to see how compatible we are and then in, like, a year revisit the idea of moving. Should I give up and move on? Or should I try to talk to him about it? I can’t imagine losing anything by telling him how I feel, even if he says absolutely no to long-distance, then I’ll know for sure that we should stop talking, right? – Feeling Lost

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