The MPAA Distinguishes Between “Male Nudity” And Just “Nudity”

We may have discovered why “Blue Valentine” got its mysterious NC-17 rating. Could it be because of the very scary factor of “male nudity”? Jezebel’s Brian Patrick Thornton noticed that “Jackass 3D” was rated R because of “male nudity,” among a host of other film sins. After doing some research, he found the distinction of “male nudity”—over, I suppose, just plain old “nudity”—only started this year. He contacted the MPAA for answers. Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: Sweater Dress And Slip Combos That Work

shopping guide sweater dresses slips 101310 g1 jpg
Sweater dresses are as cozy as your favorite knit sweater, but also have the sex appeal of a dress. But you know what sucks about sweater dresses? Static! A slip provides a barrier between your dress and your tights, and can also enhance the look, especially if you let either the hem or bodice of the slip peek out from the dress. Check out five dresses and their perfect slips.

J-Woww’s New Job: Professional Wrestler

J-Woww has found her calling in life—female wrestler. She has signed on to appear on Spike TV’s “TNA Impact.” For her first episode, she fights a girl sporting a Snooki spoof. Two things of note: did the announcer really call J-Woww “strawberry blonde”? And how annoying is the woman J-Woww’s fighting? Though “J-Coww” is a really funny put-down. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

18 Redonkulously Cute Baby Animals

baby animals sloth jpg
Happy hump day! This week isn’t quite rolling as smoothly as I had hoped. But that’s OK! When the going gets tough, the tough get baby animals. I felt a connection with this baby sloth. I think I’ll name it “Lazy.” We can sit and eat chocolate in bed together. Wait, do sloths eat chocolate? Anyhoo, first order of business: give Lazy a mani/pedi. [BuzzFeed]

After the jump, some more widdle biddy baby animals to reinvigorate your soul.

Will Arnett Loves Playing Bleepholes

“There’s nothing less interesting than a nice guy … sure, he might be great to marry and have kids with, but in terms of entertainment value, who gives a [bleep]? I enjoy playing characters who are damaged and kind of, well, [bleep]holes.”

Will Arnett in Maxim on his new role on “Running Wilde.” I’m glad he’s playing another damaged jerkface. I still miss Gob Bluth, though. [NY Post] Keep reading »

Condoleezza Rice Shares Stories Of Her Childhood In The Segregated South In New Memoir

As a little girl, Condoleezza Rice posed in a sundress in front of the White House. Decades later, Rice worked in the White House as the second woman, and the first African-American woman, in history to be Secretary of State and the first woman to serve as national security advisor. In her new memoir, Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A Memoir of Family, Condoleezza shares stories of her childhood growing up in the racially segregated South as a little girl who was not even sure she’d be allowed to sit on a white Santa Claus’ lap. Keep reading »

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