Jimmy Fallon And Bruce Springsteen Whip Their Hair

Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen as himself covering Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair”? Sounds confusing, but it is actually amazing. I want these two to make a record. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Famke Janssen’s Nautical Look Is Perfect For Fall

famkejanssens 110110 m jpg
“X-Men” actress Famke Janssen has done an impeccable job bringing classic nautical styling into the fall. The former Bond girl looks fantastic while running errands in a white pea coat, rugby stripes and the perfect pop-of-color scarf. We’ve put together a look inspired by this outfit — without the movie star budget — after the jump.

Style By Jury: Do You Like Anne Hathaway’s “Love and Other Drugs” Frock?

Do You Like Anne Hathaway's "Love and Other Drugs" Frock?

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Butterfly Accessories: Not Just For Tweens

The butterfly has really gotten a bad rap when it comes to the fashion choices it inspires. Most often it’s relegated to tramp stamps and plastic tween jewelry, but why? It’s a beautiful creature with magnificent colors and I think we should embrace the more mature side of butterfly style. After the jump, a selection of gorgeous butterfly accessories appropriate for those of us who have already gone through puberty. [Monarch Hair Clips, $10, Which Goose Etsy Shop] Keep reading »

Lisa Loeb Eyewear Launched

Well, it’s about time: Lisa Loeb is known for her iconic cat eyeglasses, and now she’s helping other women define their look with her new line of glasses, Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection by Classique. The “Stay” singer’s frames are a fit for any face shape and are appropriate for work, school or play. There are classic styles, like the Hello Lisa, and embellished options that have etching and rhinestones on the handles, like the Lucky Me. The prices seem to be comparable, or even less in some instances, as other designer frames. Now if only she had a tutorial on how to get the sexy librarian vibe, we’d all be set. [Lisa Loeb Eyewear] Keep reading »

5 Fun Moments From The New York “Harry Potter” Premiere

harry potter premiere g1 jpg
We not-so-famous folk have to wait around until Friday to see the first part of “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.” But the glamorous got to see it earlier this week at the New York premiere. The event was attended by everyone’s favorite wizards from the film and quite a few celebrity Potter fanatics. You would think after seeing the same kids walk down the red carpet for almost 10 years there wouldn’t be anything new to learn or see, but the “Harry Potter” franchise isn’t out of magic yet. Read on to see what we missed, other than the movie, by not getting an invite.
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