10 Random Things Men Should Know About Women

ChinaDaily.com ran a strangely generic story on the “5 Things Men Should Know About Women” (Only five? really?), which included, saying thank you when she’s doing all the housework, offer money and dependability, since the others things women look for in a partner — looks, smarts — are things you “can’t” control, and, uh, make sure she gets checked for heart disease. Um, okay. To supplement their list, I’ve come up with ten random things men actually should know about women, after the jump… Keep reading »

Crave: Mushka Designs Jewelry (Win It!)

After we saw our best friend wearing a cute navy blazer, we cribbed her style and bought the same one. Then, she got back at us by showing up to a party wearing heels just like a pair in our closet. It’s our turn to make her jealous, and we’re all about the Make My Tags necklaces from Mushka Designs. Made from sterling silver, the necklaces are customizable, so friends won’t be able to completely rip off your look. Plus, wearing one can help you remember an important date, the one-word motto you live by, or, um, your first initial. [$39 on sale just for you!, Mushka Designs]

We’re giving away five CUSTOMIZED necklaces from Mushka Designs, but you have to work if you want to win. The five best commenters for this coming week — from today, Friday, Feb. 13 through Thursday, Feb. 19 — will be awarded with one. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules. Keep reading »

Jennifer Hudson Takes Over The NAACP Image Awards

We’re glad to see Jennifer Hudson back in the limelight after the tragedy that rocked her family just a few months ago. Last night, the singer and actress dominated the NAACP Image Awards. Hudson won three Image awards — best new artist, outstanding collaboration, and album for her self-titled CD. The audience gave her a standing ovation as she accepted her award. “Now don’t start me to crying again, y’all,” she said. “It’s always an honor to come home and feel welcome and to feel the love.” Not only did Hudson win three of her own awards, but “The Secret Life of Bees,” which Hudson starred in alongside Queen Latifah and Dakota Fanning, won for the best motion picture. What a night! [Reuters] Keep reading »

Fashion Week: Jennie Garth And Other Celebs Walk The Runway For Heart Health

red dress fashion show c jpg
The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection show is not your typical New York Fashion Week show, mostly because the people walking the runway are celebrities, not models, so they don’t have to worry about being all serious and model-y (i.e., not smiling, stomping down the runway in that particular model way). Tim Gunn, who introduced the whole show, flubbed his speech a couple times because all of the star power left him “breathless,” and the audience clapped and cheered when a favorite celeb came out (Valerie Bertinelli seemed to get the most attention for whatever reason). Actually, it was pretty rowdy for a fashion show. After the jump, photos and the rundown on the catwalking prowess of Jennie Garth, Susan Lucci, Katie Couric, and more.

Beth Ditto Bares All For “Love”

Pinch me…am I dreaming? A magazine is launching in this financial climate? And it’s a magazine with a plus-size woman on the cover?

Blink, blink.

The cover of Love magazine — a Conde Nast U.K. fashion mag edited by former Pop magazine editor, Katie Grand — is freakin’ awesome. The Gossip’s Beth Ditto is buck naked, her naughty bits covered up by giant purple, frothy, flowery thing. She looks so serene and totally gorgeous. Heidi Klum and Aubrey O’Day might have some competition…

Fashionologie reports Katie Grand promised Love would be “very curvy” and sample-size-less….so far, mission accomplished!Love hits newsstands February 19. Keep reading »

Valentine’s Day: We’ve Got You Covered

Valentine’s Day — love it or hate it, it’s tomorrow. Check out all of The Frisky’s Valentine’s Day coverage in one spot. Whether you’ve got plans with a loved one for tomorrow, are planning on boycotting the day because of its promotion of mindless consumerism, or just woke up, looked at your calendar and went, “Huh? It’s February?” our special Valentine’s Day section has everything you need for February 14th. At the very least, you could read The Frisky all day couldn’t you? We are very romantic lovers. Keep reading »

Foreplay Unnecessary For Female Orgasm?

A recent study debunked the idea that women need foreplay in order to achieve an orgasm with a partner. Researchers Petr Weiss and Stuart Brody asked 2,360 Czech women how often they orgasmed with a partner, and then how much time, on average, they spent on foreplay and the average amount time they spent actually having intercourse. Foreplay lasted an average of 15.4 minutes, whereas intercourse lasted an average of 16.2 minutes. The women who reported having intercourse for a longer period of time orgasmed more often than those that had intercourse for shorter periods of time. Keep reading »

Lady Gaga Sums Up The Ideal Valentine’s Day

“I want a good f**k and some carbohydrates. Good spaghetti and good sex.” – Lady Gaga

Keep reading »

Was Rihanna’s Glittery Eyepatch Covering Up An Injury?

More rumors surround the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident! According to The Sun, the LAPD is looking into whether there had been a history of violence between Brown and Rihanna, and one of the incidents they’re checking out is when RiRi suddenly started sporting an eyepatch, saying she had scratched her cornea. The singer wore a silver patch when she performed at the American Music Awards last year, and, at the time, we dubbed it an “injury accessory,” not thinking it could have been related to an actual injury. So, is it possible Rihanna was covering up a black eye? Not really — she took off the patch halfway through her performance and walked the red carpet without it (above right). What’s more likely is that the LAPD just doesn’t understand her over-the-top style. After the jump, watch the video of her American Music Awards performance to see for yourself. [via Socialite Life] Keep reading »

Simple Rings Bearing Secret Messages

Designer Jungyun Yoon wanted to create a ring that would really create an impression on the person wearing it. On the outside, her Inner Message rings look pretty plain, but put one on and you’ll be left with a mark. Raised lettering on the inside of the ring presses into the wearer’s skin, imprinting a message. We’re kind of wondering whether the words be permanently etched there if you wear the ring long enough. [Yoon Jung Yun] Keep reading »

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