8 Celebrity Friendsults

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I guess Rihanna doesn’t really cherish her friendship with Katy Perry that much because she just majorly dissed the girl’s music. Rihanna said of her new album Loud, “I didn’t want the generic pop record that Ke$ha or Lady Gaga or Katy Perry would do. Every song was tailored to me.” Sure, she dished it out to Ke$ha and Lady Gaga, too, but she also didn’t just throw either of them a bachelorette party. Would it have been so hard to leave Perry out of that statement? I guess it’s just another case of celebrity friendsults—celebs dissing their supposed buddies. [NY Daily News]

Unfortunately, Rihanna is in kind of good company with celebs serving up the insults.

Taylor Momsen Covers Up … A Bit

It looks like Jenny Humphrey, Taylor Momsen’s “Gossip Girl” character, makes an appearance at a masquerade ball this season. We bet she has a ton of eyeliner on underneath that mask. [NYC, 10/5/10] Keep reading »

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What 8 Celebrity Kids Think Of Their Famous Parents’ Professions

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Kids say the darnedest things and Naomi Watts says that her boys with fiancé Liev Schreiber have some good theories of what they do for a living. “They think our work is in a trailer. They don’t really understand it yet,” says Naomi. “There’s been times where they see a photo or a flash of us on TV and they’ll go, ‘Oh, Mummy!’ Or ‘Daddy!’” [Celebrity Babies]

It must be super strange to be a celeb kid and have no idea what’s going on or that anything is out of the ordinary, so we’ve rounded up a few of those perspectives and other adorable insights.

Quickies: The Situation Is Planning A Move & A Soccer Player Gets Fresh With Ref

  • Say buh-bye, Jersey. The Situation is moving to L.A. [PopEater]
  • Hey, guess what, dude? You’re so not going to get the job. [Double Viking]
  • Now’s your chance to smell like tattoo ink. [Refinery 29]

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I Was In The Psych Ward

In a group, they all laughed. It didn’t take much to make them laugh, and once they started, it escalated within minutes, growing more out of control, as if they were trying to outdo each other in their maniacal hysterics.

I lay on my right side, staring at the gray wall in front of me and listening to them cackle and howl, their voices echoing through the day room. Even in the throes of my breakdown I knew the difference between them and me — I was depressed; they were insane. Read more Keep reading »

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