These Spiked Heels Are Killer

Spiked heels aren’t enough for you? Try these vicious pumps from designer Barbara Gongini. They’re spiked on the toes and the backs of the heels. But if you’re looking to maul someone with these babies, you’re out of luck. The shoe is made of rubber and therefore mostly harmless. There is one place they’ll wound you, though — in the pocketbook. These 5 and a 1/2-inch heels are $398. [I Don't Like Mondays] Keep reading »

Jake Gyllenhaal Says “Love And Other Drugs” Was An Intellectual Orgy

“In a way, I think it made it easier—going through the journey of not only making ['Brokeback Mounatin'] but then the response of the audiences brought us all very close. That’s a very tight-knit group that remains so to this day. But ['Love and Other Drugs' director] Ed [Zwick] took it to another level here. We worked for 8 days on ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and this was months. Beyond that, it’s our love story in this movie. … Sometimes there’s just chemistry between people. I remember vibing with [Anne] since the minute we started working. Not only as actors but intellectually, too. We all kind of had this weird intellectual orgy.”

Jake Gyllenhaal speaks at the “Love and Other Drugs” press conference about reuniting with Anne Hathaway, and how having a history with her made it easier to do the difficult and often naked scenes in the flick. We know he’s pretending to date Taylor Swift and she has some kind of boring boyfriend, but are we alone in wanting these two to get together in real life?
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10 Super Misleading Nudie Mag Covers

playboy kendra wilkinson jpg
I’m sure a lot of Kendra Wilkinson fans were wondering how the former “Girls Next Door” star got her body back in shape for her December cover of Playboy, just 11 months after giving birth to Hank Baskett Jr. Apparently, she didn’t! Kendra says the photo shoot was done years ago: “The photos are from a shoot I did two years ago when I was still living in the mansion,” she said. “I’m flattered to be on the cover again and as you all know Playboy has a very special place in my heart! I just wanted you guys to know I didn’t recently pose.” It’s actually respectable that Kendra didn’t just pretend to have magically transformed overnight. [PopEater]

Nudie mags have a history of sometimes shady business, so we’ve rounded up some of the most misleading Playboy and Playgirl covers ever!

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Daria: The New Voice Of Your GPS

Sick of your GPS sounding like an uptight British woman or a sex kitten who wants to give you a beej? Well, now you can have the smuggest bitch of all time tell you when you’ve made a wrong turn: Daria Morgendorffer! She totally led the way for you in the early ’90s and now your fave apathetic teen will tell you where to go on the regs. Awesome! For $9.95, you can download the GPS Navtones here. Signature eye roll not included. Now, if only they could get Trent to pop in every now and again … [MTV Clutch] Keep reading »

15 Sexy Celebs In Wet T-Shirts!

celeb wet tshirt olivia wilde jpg
OK, Olivia Wilde, if you were trying to win the grand prize in the imaginary wet T-shirt contest with your spread in the December issue of Vanity Fair, you did it! Congrats on taking a very classy wet T-shirt pic. It looks like they even airbrushed out your nipples to keep things nice and clean. [Huffington Post]

After the jump, some more celebs competing in the imaginary wet T-shirt contest. Get your tequila shots ready.

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