Cheapskate: 50 Amazing Spring Dresses Under $50

Julie Gerstein / April 28, 2011

Will Prince Charles Breakdance At The Royal Wedding?

Wondering what hot moves Prince Charles will be breaking out on the dance floor at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding tomorrow? We can only hope that he resurrects some that he busted in this video from the ’80s. Maybe if he changed out of his suit and into Adidas track gear, he’d… More »

Are Bristol And Sarah Palin Feuding Over Gay Marriage?

Jessica Wakeman / April 28, 2011

The National Enqurier, purveyor of all news factual, has a juicy little tidbit about the Palin family: Bristol Palin has allegedly “banned’ her mother Sarah Palin from Bristol’s new Arizona home because they disagree about … wait for it … gay marriage. The Enquirer claims Bristol spent so much time with gay dudes on “DancingMore »

10 Celebs Barefoot And Pregnant

Ami Angelowicz / April 28, 2011

The Secret To Marrying A Celebrity Is …

Ami Angelowicz / April 28, 2011

A new study found that it wasn’t beauty, fortune, or box office success that attracted movie stars to their mates. It was similar educational backgrounds. Researchers found that celebrities tended to marry partners who had the same amount of education as them. For example, neither Brad Pitt nor Angelina Jolie have a college degree and… More »

Chris Hemsworth: All This And An Australian Accent, Too

Jessica Wakeman / April 28, 2011

“Thor” is a movie I could care less about seeing, but Chris Hemsworth — he’s Australian, ladies! — is someone I hope to see more of. Lots more of. Someone’s a dead ringer for a young Brad Pitt. Siiiiigh. [Interview]… More »