Liveblogging “The Bachelor” Finale & “After The Final Rose” Special February 2nd 2009

I’ve got my two bottles of wine, I’ve got my leftovers, and I’ve got my catheter all hooked up. Just kidding on that last part, but maybe it’s not such a bad idea. After all, tonight’s finale is going to be three hours long — two hours for the finale and an hour for the special afterward, which may end up being WAY more exciting, if the rumors are true. Are you excited? I am! Check back with this post starting at 8 pm EST! Keep reading »

Quickies: Kanye’s New Girl Shows Some Skin, Man ODs on Viagra, & Airline Charges For Bathroom Usage

  • Who is Amber Rose? She’s the chick everyone is talking about because she was walking around half naked while shopping with boy toy Kanye West. She does have a good body though. If I were her, I’d be half naked all the time too. [The YBF]
  • The airlines are charging us for everything nowadays. One European airline is about to make us pay extra to use the bathroom aboard the plane. You’re screwed if you don’t have any money. [Holy Moly]
  • Now is the time to go shopping to update the spring wardrobe. The one must-have item in your closet this season is the denim pencil skirt. [Refinery 29]
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    Teen Trying To Stop The World From Cussing

    A 15-year-old in LA is trying his darnedest to create a cuss-free week in California, and eventually worldwide. This year, McKay Hatch will settle for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors naming the first week of March “No Cussing Week,” which they’re set to do tomorrow. Hatch, a 10th grader at South Pasadena High School, started the No Cussing Club in seventh grade when he noticed his friends starting to swear, which his family forbids. As you may have guessed, poor Hatch gets a lot of sh… er, crap, for his goody-two-shoes behavior. According to the Associated Press, he’s “the target of organized harassment by pro-cussers.” We want to know whether Hatch will continue his club, which supposedly has more than 20,000 members, when puberty really sets in and he wants to get laid. [AP] Keep reading »

    Red States Heart Internet Porn

    No wonder “Nailin’ Paylin” was such a hit for Hustler, red states love the GOP almost as much as they love porn! According to new findings, the people who voted for McCain also have a hard on for internet porn.

    The survey, conducted by Benjamin Edelman, an assistant professor at the Harvard Business School, found that eight of the top 10 internet porn subscribing states went Republican in the past election. By searching through credit card data from 2006-2008, Edelman drew his conclusions and the statistics are shocking! With 5.47 people per thousand paying for money shots online, religious Utah was the number one state for porn subscriptions! In addition, states with populaces that claim to “have old-fashioned values about family and marriage,” had 3.6 more internet porn buyers per thousand, on average. Hmm, maybe we should start calling them the “Red Light States!” Keep reading »

    Face Off: Melissa Vs. Molly, Who Will Win Papa Bach’s Heart?

    Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for is here! Papa Bach will give out his final rose tonight and, if the rumor we’ve heard are true, he promptly take it back on the “After The Final Rose” special and give it to the woman he rejected. Now that’s gonna be entertainment! But until then, both Melissa and Molly have a 50/50 chance of winning Jason Mesnick’s heart, and a 100% chance of boring us to tears. In the meantime, as we await the three hour extravaganza (and I’ll be liveblogging it, per usual, pity me), here’s a Face Off between Bubbly Bitch #1 and Bubbly Bitch #2…. Keep reading »

    Not In Every “Woman’s World”

    Only In A Woman’s World” is a collection of webisodes presented by the makers of Baked! Lays, Flatearth, and Smartfoods snacks, in which four girlfriends share their trials and tribulations while snacking healthily. Each webisode centers around some rom-com cliche, like the out-of-shape mom going bathing suit shopping or the young woman whose world ends because her stylist is switching salons. But yummy, nutritious snacks save the day! “Only in a Woman’s World” really isn’t a bad idea, especially as a advertising ploy. I actually enjoyed reading a little background on each of the characters, their occupations, embarrassing moments, etc. But I would have found the webisodes more entertaining if they weren’t so trite and stereotypical. Am I asking too much from something that is basically an extended commercial? Were you entertained by the “Only in a Woman’s World”? Let us know in the comments. Keep reading »

    Poll: Would You Wear Blue Nail Polish?

    Blue nails aren’t really new — everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Camilla Belle has painted their nails some variation of the color in the last year — but it seems like new shades of blue are coming out by the dozen. A bunch of nail polish companies are releasing blue polishes for spring, and China Glaze even has an entire six-color line called Bahama Blues. Do you think the color is just a passing fad, or is it picking up enough steam to overtake purple in the nail polish color wars?

    1. Essie Nail Polish in Mesmerize
    2. OPI Nail Lacquer in Yoga-to Get This Blue!
    3. CoverGirl Queen Collection 3-in-1 Step Nail Color and Sparkling Nail Topcoat in Rhythmic Blue
    4. China Glaze in Bahamian Escape
    5. Orly Nail Polish in Blue Collar

    Keep reading »

    Hollywood Stars Light Up Milan

    eva mendes dg c jpg
    Fashion Week Month is nearly over, and while there weren’t many A-listers at New York Fashion Week this season, the stars cleared their schedules for Milan Fashion Week (free trip to Italy!). Earlier today, Milan-time, some of our favorite gals showed up at the Dolce & Gabbana show in chic duds. Eva Mendes, will you be our friend?

    The only thing I love more than Eva Mendes is Eva wearing my favorite color.

    Crave: Canvas Cutout Heels

    Oh Spring, are you almost here? We are dying, dying to ditch our boots and tights in the back of the closet and break out the open toed footwear. Expand your collection of strappy sandals, with this pair of canvas, lace-up heels from We Who See. The slight wedge in the heel and the rubber sole means these babies are not only on trend, but also comfy. Great for skipping your way to happy hour at the beer garden! [$88, Urban Outfitters] Keep reading »

    Study Confirms That As The Economy Bottoms Out, Curves Make A Comeback

    In this economy, while men are worried about losing their jobs, they’re looking for something to hold onto. And that something is a big ol’ booty! Finally, this gray economic cloud officially has its silver lining, thanks to a recent study conducted at New York University. Their findings confirmed that when times are lean, men tend to describe their ideal mate as extra fatty! Keep reading »

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