Dog Adopts 4 Tiger Cubs

A dog named Hei Nui has come to the rescue of three snow tigers and one white tiger in Weihai City, in China’s eastern Shandong province. It is believed the quadruplets were abandoned by their mother because large litters are uncommon for tigers. The dog has been nursing the tigers along with her two puppies. The three snow tigers, which are a variation of the white tiger and are born with white fur and blue eyes, will add to the about 200 snow tiger population left in the world. Stories about other species caring for the young of another always choke me up. [10/11/10] Keep reading »

Objets D’Envy: Swarovski Crystal Jewelry For Everyone

objets denvy 101110 g1 jpg
I had the pleasure of meeting jewelry designer Kirsten Goede of Objets d’Envy (pronounced ohb-jay don-vee) in The Frisky office a few weeks ago. Her Swarovski encrusted jewelry gives a hint of everyday luxury to the wearer. Objets jewelry is both modern and classic, offering something for everyone. I instantly fell in love with several of her pieces that I think you’ll like even if you prefer vintage, tough, or sparkly jewelry. Keep clicking for a closer look.

Pretzel Crisps Strikes Again With New Ad Campaign

Remember a few months ago, when Pretzel Crisps debuted their “new look” with ads touting that “you can never be too thin”? And then remember how they pulled those ads after the blogosphere flamed the company for using pro-anorexia language to cheekily sell their product? Well, Pretzel Crisps has a new ad campaign and the company seems to have changed its tune and is now thumbing its nose at critics. “We’re thin and stacked so lose the old bag,” the ad campaign’s slogan, plays upon an offensive trifecta — you can never be too thin, too busty, or too young. Weak. My hummus shall miss using you as a vehicle, Pretzel Crisps. [The Gloss] Keep reading »

Oct. 11: What Are We Wearing Today?

style guide main 101110 jpg
We have a super-sized edition of “What Are We Wearing Today?” because a few of our freelancers and non-office peeps sent in pics. I’m thinking we might have to battle over the best vintage finds because at least a few ladies are rocking secondhand items. And don’t forget to tell us what you’re rocking today.

Camel Snacks On Kid

Children make an awfully tasty afternoon snack, don’t they, Mr. Camel? [The Daily What] Keep reading »

8 Celebs Who’ve Been Blindsided By Divorce

surprise divorce g1 jpg
Actress Laura Dern was apparently totally blindsided when her hubby, Grammy winner Ben Harper, filed for a divorce this week. The two have been married since 2005 and have two kids together. Meanwhile, Harper claims in the legal documents that they’ve been separated since January, but friends of the couple say they’ve been traveling together all year and were intimate maybe as recently as last week. I’m not sure why family friends know their love-making schedule, but how hard is it to have a sit-down before filing divorce papers? I guess Hollywood is all about the dramatic exits? [TMZ]

After the jump are a few other celebs who’ve been blindsided with divorce papers.

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