Quickies!: Salma Hayek’s Latest Role Is Playing A Cow

  • Salma Hayek is addicted to breastfeeding. We bet that will all change when Valentina’s teeth start coming in. Or will it? [Perez Hilton]
  • Dwight Eubanks should adopt NeNe Leakes from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” because she doesn’t know who her real father is. [DListed]
  • Angelina Jolie credits “Changeling” with helping her get pregnant with Knox and Vivienne. [Just Jared]
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    Face Off: Christina Aguilera Vs. Lady Gaga

    Christina Aguilera has been taking some heat since she switched up her look. The new platinum blonde hairdo with heavy fringe has people comparing her to pop neophyte, Lady Gaga. Christina has been fighting back like Kenley from Project Runway, by playing dumb. Now the gloves are off and the battle of the bitches is on, but we know if these two kids could see how much they have in common, besides bangs, they could be BFFs for life…or at least do a duet. So, here’s how they stack up… Keep reading »

    Victoria’s Secret: She’s Giving You A Rash!

    Victoria’s got a secret. Formaldehyde, the same stuff that preserves corpses, may be giving your boobs a lift, a rash, and even permanent scars. A few women are claiming they developed medical issues from wearing the “Angel’s Secret Embrace” and “Very Sexy Extreme Push Up” bras, and want Vicky to compensate them. Lead by Roberta Ritter, a 37-year-old woman who says she experienced itchy blisters from her bras, the group of women are filing a class action lawsuit against the undergarment company. Shockingly enough, even after collecting complaints from customers and the impending legal action, those particular styles of Victoria Secret bras are still on shelves! Is VS just trying to tempt more people to join the lawsuit? Keep reading »

    Six Songs About Doing It All Night Long

    Men have this crazy idea that women want to have sex for hours and hours. So not true, yet this misconception keeps creeping into the bedroom…and song lyrics. Rocking someone all night may seem like a healthy romp in the sack, but like I always say, “Every well runs dry,” and there could be some really great reality TV on that is more entertaining. So men take note, we want you to be faster (not that fast) in the bedroom and more creative in the recording studio. More after the jump. Keep reading »

    Breastfeeding Is Beautiful…When It’s Not Downright Creepy

    I just read a post on Perez Hilton about Salma Hayek still breastfeeding her baby. Her baby’s only, what, like one or so, so it seems totally within the realm of normal and I didn’t think much of it. But then! Ohmigod, then I watched this video over at Nerve’s Scanner about an 8-year-old still nursing from her mama’s boobs and it was seriously one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been riding the subway for years, so I’ve seen lots of disturbing stuff). The part where the mother says, “If there’s any monkey business, you have to leave. I’m not having that” is super creepy. I can only imagine what sort of monkey business she might be referring to — nipple pinching? Using teeth? Lapping them around?) Oh, and I totally got the willies when the girl’s older sister, who was nursed until she was five, says about her mother’s breast milk: “Better than anything in the world. Better than a mango even.” But you guys, that’s not even the worst of it. Well, there’s sketches, and pet names, and well, you’ll just have to watch the clip to see for yourself. Keep reading »

    What Your Facebook Status Says About You

    The other day, when my 57-year-old mother asked if I could show her how to set up a Facebook profile, I realized just how pervasive the site has become. Unlike most of its competitors and predecessors, Facebook attracts users from a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. As likely as you are to find a long lost roommate on the site, you’re just as liable to run into former flames, old co-workers, current employers, people you never thought you’d hear from again and those you wish you wouldn’t. So do you ever wonder what your Facebook status says about you to all these people — the single line or two that basically expresses who you are today, how you live, what’s important in your life? After the jump, 10 fairly innocuous status updates and how various Facebook friends may interpret them. Keep reading »

    Poll: How Long Do You Like To Do It?

    “I can go all night long, baby!” While this common guy claim is rarely true, is this really what women want? According to a Penn State Study published last spring, ”Satisfactory sexual intercourse for couples lasts from three to 13 minutes.” Damn, that’s less time than it takes me eat a burrito! (Which, let’s face it, in some cases, can be more deliciously gratifying.) But sex, as we all know, is a quality over quantity thing. Going at it like bunnies until the break of dawn sounds fun, but with risk factors like chafing, early morning meetings, and general exhaustion, you can’t go on bumpin’ uglies forever — which explains why “women like sex to last, and last, and last” came in second in our poll of sexual misconceptions. So, what do you consider the perfect amount of time strictly for D-in-V-style penetration?

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    Crave: Ice Orb

    Behold, the Ice Orb! This otherworldly object is a souped-up ice tray, not Wall-E’s second cousin. Not only is the Orb rather attractive, but it makes 21 ice cubes at a time and stores another 51 inside its removable inner bucket. Basically, if you don’t have an icemaker built into your fridge, the Orb is going to change your life — and free up more space for those bags of frozen curly fries. [$16, A+R Store] Keep reading »

    Will A Sexy Woman Make Men Want To Donate Their Organs?

    Ads that use gorgeous, half-naked women to sell products are totally lame. Why couldn’t the advertising agency come up with something a little more original to sell their client’s beer, aftershave, or clothes? Despite these feelings, we just came across an ad that ran in P-magazine, a Belgian men’s magazine, and it’s so clever we don’t care that it shows a stunning woman in her underwear. Keep reading to see the full ad… Keep reading »

    What’s The Best Gift You Ever Gave Or Got?

    With the holidays (and my birthday) coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot about gifts and what makes a good one. In my experience, the best gifts are the ones that show you know the person, rather than this year’s It item that everyone wants to get their hands on. In the spirit of giving, share the best gift you ever gave and the best one you ever got in the comments — maybe someone else’s brilliant idea will inspire one of your own… Keep reading »

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