Skeezy Joe Francis Wins Big In Skeezy “Girls Gone Wild” Lawsuit

By: Jessica Wakeman / April 11, 2011

Joe Francis of “Girls Gone Wild” has something to celebrate. He may be a douchebag whose wife ditched him after a whopping two months of marriage. But he just won a lawsuit! More »

An Imagined Conversation With This Amphibious Model

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / April 11, 2011

Me: Did you take swimming lessons when you were a kid?

Model: Sure did.

Me: Did you like them? More »

Quiz: Can You Tell Real Cosmo Sex Advice From Fake BS We Made Up?

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / April 11, 2011

Rihanna Blames, But Understands, Her Abusive Father

By: Jessica Wakeman / April 11, 2011

“I actually feel really bad for my father. He was abused, too — he got beat up by his stepdad when he was young. He has resentment toward women, because he felt like his mum never protected him, and unfortunately, my mother was the victim of that. I’m not giving him excuses. Right is right… More »

Kat Dennings In “Daydream Nation”: It’s Like “Easy A,” But Darker

By: Jessica Wakeman / April 11, 2011

Easy A,” starring Emma Stone, was a fun flick about a girl branded as a “slut” in high school. Funny it ’twas, but realistic? Not quite. “Daydream Nation” (which hits theaters on April 15 in Canada and May 6 in the U.S.) looks a hell of a lot more realistic. Kat Dennings stars a… More »

For The Week Of April 11-17, 2011

By: Kiki T / April 11, 2011

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)We all have a freakier side our desires, and happy are the times we get to live it up and explore on them. This week is your week to let your libido run wild and have your passions burn, as the fuel to incinerate your repressions is here. It’s your… More »