Shopping Guide: Match It Up

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Alice & Olivia Silk Dress, $365, Net-A-Porter and Knit Knee High Socks, $2.80, Forever 21

Is there something so wrong with being matchy-matchy? What was once a style “must” has in recent years become a complete “don’t”. (No one wants to be that preppy girl anymore—you know, the one with the perfectly matching headband, car, toothbrush, and sweater set?) We say: match it up all you like. It can make an outfit look very high-fashion or even vintage “Mad Men“-inspired. Check out these product pairing suggestions!

Katy Perry Gets Catty For Purr Fragrance Ad

Katy Perry dons a purple and pink spotted latex catsuit complete with tail, black platform stilettos, and a cat mask for her first Purr fragrance ad, which was shot by Miles Aldridge. The fragrance, which will be contained in a cat-shaped bottle, goes on sale in early November. Let’s hope it doesn’t smell like, ahem, a pussycat. [WWD] Keep reading »

“Black Marriage Negotiations” Video Perpetuates Stereotypes About Black Women

Want a low-budget way to draw attention to your website with minimal effort on your part? It’s easy — be wildly offensive. A website called PhilosoG’s is behind this “Black Marriage Negotiations” video that slaps down black women and tells ‘em they wouldn’t be single if they weren’t so damn difficult. Keep reading »

Shop What You Got: How To Make The Most Of What’s Already In Your Closet

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This week I helped a friend rediscover her own closet. By cleaning out, reorganizing, and then “shopping” her closet, we were able to put together a bunch of new outfits. Sometimes taking stock of your preexisting wardrobe can save you from buying something new because you shop what you already have! Here are some tips:

  1. Start with a clean slate — take everything out of your closet.
  2. Weed out everything that needs to be repaired — or chucked.
  3. Designate sections of your closet, for instance, “work” and “play.”
  4. Divide your clothing into categories, i.e., tops, skirts, blazers, etc.
  5. Put clothing back into your closet, utilizing designated sections and categories.
  6. Give prime real estate to your tops. Nine out of 10 times a top is the first item you pick for an outfit.
  7. No wire hangers! Ever!
  8. Grab a friend and a bottle of wine and start playing dress-up! Keep a camera handy to catch the outfits you come up with.

After the jump, check out four brand-new outfits that we came up with using her own clothes!

Personal Trainer Cassio Marcus Shows Us His Calvins

Personal trainer Cassio Marcus stripped down to his Calvin Klein briefs for Brazilian website Vipado. We think Cassio would fit in quite well with the real CK underwear models. There’s one more photo for your viewing pleasure after the jump. You are welcome. [Fashion Indie] Keep reading »

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