Shopping Guide: Sexy Office Party Outfits That Won’t Get You Fired

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The office holiday party presents two problems that can get you fired or at the very least embarrassed. One is: how do you have a good time while staying relatively sober and not saying something you’ll live to regret? The second problem is: how do you look sexy and festive without being inappropriate? The former problem is easy. Have one or two drinks (as long as you’re not driving) and plenty of water. For the latter, I would suggest that you don’t dress like Mariah Carey, Kimora Lee Simmons, or Paris Hilton. You don’t want to be the butt of all the holiday jokes or find a pink slip on your desk the next day. So how do you dress sexy for the office holiday party? Keep clicking for some outfit suggestions.

Helen Mirren Does Not Worship At The Altar Of The 18-Year-Old Male Penis

Helen Mirren is one of those people who, when she talks, you listen. This Tuesday, the Dame received the Sherry Lansing Leaderships Award — so named for the former CEO of Paramount Pictures — at The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual Women in Entertainment breakfast. Although consummately gracious for receiving her award, Helen criticized the subtle sexism of Hollywood, which puts older actresses out to pasture while keeping older male actors in the stables and produces films that “worship at the altar of the 18- and 25-year-old male and his penis.” Helen’s summation? “Quite small, I always think.”

After the jump, a transcript of Helen’s speech: Keep reading »

This Season Menswear-Inspired Goes Black Tie Formal

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Menswear-inspired looks are hot again this season, but instead of going preppy and school boy-ish, the trend is going black tie. Celebs like Leighton Meester and Olivia Wilde have recently taken to the red carpet in dressed-up tuxedo jackets and boyfriend-cut dress trousers. A great look to rock at the office, it could also be a fun alternative to the uber-girly wares of the party season. Check out our shopping guide after the jump. [WWD]

Man “Double Dream Hands” His Way To Dance Magic

What do you get when you combine Gary Busey and elaborate Broadway musical dance numbers? This guy. John Jacobson runs an elementary music education magazine called Music Express Magazine. He’s also the author of the song “Planet Rock,” which can be heard on this video. Jacobson wanted to leave nothing to chance, so he developed a choreographed routine to go along with the song–featuring his signature move, Double Dream Hands. Live the dream, John Jacobson, live the dream. [Urlesque] Keep reading »

Dude Does Excellent Job Of Impersonating Carrie Bradshaw

It’s nearly impossible to imagine anyone other than Sarah Jessica Parker playing Carrie Bradshaw. But if Darren Star ever wants to do an all-male revue of “Sex and the City,” he should call on illustrator Cedric Rivrain. Rivrain cross-dresses like Carrie in a photo spread for Double Magazine and has her poses, pouts, and the delightful way she skips after making a purchase down pat. [Refinery29] Keep reading »

Quiz: Can You Name The Celebrity Bulge?

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Here at The Frisky, we’re equal opportunity crotch oglers. Earlier today, we asked if you could guess the celebrity camel toe, but this afternoon is all about the fellas. You may think you know everything about your favorite famous Hollywood hunk—but can you identify him by his bulge alone? Find out with our name that celebrity bulge quiz.
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