The Low-Down On Shows You Can Expect To See On Oprah’s Network

As Oprah is wrapping up the final season of her show, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) is getting geared up to launch on New Year’s Day. Oprah has a few of her favorite things—and people—lined up to get OWN started and of course it sadly includes a heavy dose of Dr. Phil. But the infamous mustached man is not the only well-known face that will be getting air time thanks to Oprah. We gave you info a while ago on what to expect, but read on to see what new stars and series have been added to Team Oprah. Keep reading »

James Franco’s New Performance Art Dissects “Three’s Company”

I was just about to forgive James Franco for signing on to appear in 20 episodes of “General Hospital” and calling it “performance art,” when I caught wind of his latest project. In his downtime from being a beat poet (“Howl”) and cutting off his arm (“127 Hours”), he has been hard at work on an adaptation of the late-’70s television show “Three’s Company.” Keep reading »

10 Stars Who Got Their Start In Clearasil And Noxzema Ads

clearasil vivica fox jpg
Vivica A. Fox says her first job was also a Clearasil commercial. No video of it exists, but she described it to People. “I was running from zits on Melrose Boulevard for a Clearasil commercial,” she said. “‘Don’t let the zits catch you! Don’t let the zits catch you!’ I was running from this imaginary thing. It was scale pay, about $400.” [People]

Check This Out: Illustrations From The “Drawing Fashion” Exhibition In London

Designer sketches are one thing, but to be a fashion illustrator is another art altogether. And that’s what a new exhibition—called Drawing Fashion—at London’s Design Museum explores. The show features the works of famous fashion artists from the 1930s to the present. Some examples: the right hand image above is a print called “Fashion by Dior” done by Francois Berthoud for a 2004 issue of Numéro magazine, while the left hand image presents an illustration that ran in a 1937 issue of Vogue. The exhibit is on through March, so if you’re in London now or in the next few months, be sure to check it out! And if don’t have any U.K. travel plans on your schedule, indulge in some more images from the collection after the jump. [Design Museum via Wallpaper] Keep reading »

Do Not Want: Converse And Uno De 50 Collab Sneaks

Converse teamed up with Spanish jewelry brand Uno De 50 to produce this sneaker collaboration. Between the studs, fringe, and charms, there’s a lot going on with these shoes. We gotta say: we prefer our Converse kicks au naturel. You? [High Snobette] Keep reading »

When Nature Calls: 15 Celebs Who Need To Go Potty

celeb potty justin bieber jpg
After hours of handing out candy to kiddies, Justin Bieber realized he needed to go potty … really bad. Caught on film: the pop star’s serious beeline for the bathroom. I really hope he made it in time.

After the jump, some more celebs looking for a loo.

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