Watch The “Dark Girls” Documentary Trailer

Jessica Wakeman / May 27, 2011

The trailer for “Dark Girls,” a new documentary about black women and their skin tone, had me in tears by the end. “Dark Girls” examines racism and colorism both inside and outside of the black community and the societal devaluing of dark-skinned blacks (cough, Psychology Today, cough) dating back to slavery. I don’t… More »

Get Your Fortune Told By Miranda July

Ami Angelowicz / May 27, 2011

In honor of her upcoming film, “The Future” (which I predict I will love based on the trailer), Miranda July has created an interactive web oracle wherein she divines your future via a colorful spinning wheel. While she understands that we may be super skeptical of this new form of divination, she encourages us to… More »

5 Bridesmaids Favors That Aren’t Totally Cliché

Jessica Wakeman / May 27, 2011

One Big, Happy Illegitimate Family

Ami Angelowicz / May 27, 2011

Say cheese! Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger took great joy in getting the entire family together for photo ops — the wife, the kids, the mistress, and the love child. That takes some giant balls right there. I’m wondering if Maria Shriver found this at all strange? Awkward family photo, indeed. [TMZ]… More »

Urban Outfitters Steals Another Indie Artist’s Work … Again

Julie Gerstein / May 27, 2011

Jewelry artist Stevie Koerner sells her “A World of Love” pendants on Etsy (left). They’re adorable little charms in the shapes of states with hearts cut out of them. Urban Outfitters liked the pendants so much that they decided to copy the charms, almost exactly (right), and call them “I Heart Destination Necklaces.” And they… More »

How Not To Respond When Your Partner Doesn’t Hit The Big O

Emily Heist Moss / May 27, 2011

“You didn’t finish, did you?” he asked.

“No,” I said.

I’ve lied before, but I’m trying to wean myself away from it. Lying only adds a layer of mental unease to any lingering physical dissatisfaction I might be feeling, and assuaging false pride rarely seems like a good deal. The dishonesty… More »