Domo Arigato, Mr. El Gato

Animals get shocked too. And savvy pet owners snap pics when they do. Whoever caught this kitty in mid-air with that redonklulous expression is a genius. It is one of many wonderful snapshots from the ultimate collection of Shocked Cats and Dogs. Action shots (human and animal) give me the funnies. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Style Icon Showdown: Carey Mulligan Vs. Ellen Page

carey and ellen 11 4 m jpg
Carey Mulligan and Ellen Page are young actresses with serious indie film cred. They both always look amazing on and off the red carpet, but their personal styles couldn’t be more different. While Carey favors ’50s-inspired ladylike looks, Ellen rocks tailored tomboy pieces. Click through for some cute pieces each of these talented starlets would love to wear, and don’t forget to tell us whose style you prefer …

Quick Tip Of The Day: Moisturize Your Lips After Washing Your Face

I’ve had a difficult time keeping my lips moist and smooth, despite using Neosporin Lip Health religiously. I know it’s become colder lately, but I didn’t think that was the only culprit. Then, it occurred to me that my benzoyl peroxide facial cleanser was probably sucking all the moisture out of my lips, leaving them dry and cracked. For the last week or so, I’ve applied a lip moisturizer right after patting my face dry–and it really helps! It protects my skin from my face wash. If you have dry, cracked lips, then try this too. Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 15 Killer Pairs Of Booties Under $100

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Ruffles, ruching, buckles, and bows–booties are the perfect shoe to add some excess to. We’ve got woven leather, studs, pixie styles and platforms. Booties are great footwear to go with almost anything, and as Candy Pratts Price of says, “The bootie’s success stems from the fact that it translates with a coat and trousers; it translates with an evening dress; it even looks very cool with shorts.” And we agree, your favorite pair can easily work with any number of outfits. Just find the pair that looks best on you — if you have shorter legs, try a pair that are higher in the back and slope toward the front. Ankles a problem area for you? Try a paper bag style or ones with a cinched and belted detail. Long legs? Mix a pixie pair with opaque tights, over-sized cardi and ditzy floral print dress for a comfy and stylish no-brainer look. Take a look at our picks, all under $100, then let us know your favorites and how you would wear them!

Comic Book Artist Proposes To Girlfriend With Comic Strip

Leigh Gallagher is a professional comic book artist. His girlfriend’s name is Niki. The two met several years ago at a speed dating event. They’ve been together ever since. Now, Leigh has something important to ask Niki. You know where this is going, right? Yep, he created a multi-panel comic strip and posted it to his blog in order to propose marriage to Niki. It’s very adorable. In the future, will anyone propose to their future spouse in person anymore? Read the whole strip here. Hopefully, she’ll say yes, and Gallagher will give us an update! [The Daily What] Keep reading »

Nov. 4: What Are We Wearing Today?

wearing today 110410 g1 jpg
So yeah, it’s raining again in NYC, and we had to come to work … dressed. Here’s how we look. And don’t forget to send your pic and outfit description to for tomorrow’s slideshow.
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