James Middleton, In The Nude

James Middleton, aka Kate Middleton’s 24-year-old brother, has earned the reputation for being the wild child of the Middleton clan thanks to the fact that he dropped out of college, frequents London nightclubs, and has been spotted in drag. Just as we were developing low-grade crushes on him, our flames of desire have been fanned… More »

Did Bristol Palin Get Plastic Surgery?

Did Bristol Palin get plastic surgery with her babysitting abstinence-preaching money? It looks like someone’s got a new face! In these new pics, Bristol Palin’s face looks slimmer and more heart-shaped while her chin and cheekbones are more defined, giving her an admittedly more “generic Disney star” look. Very “High School Musical” instead of “Tee… More »

10 Ladies Of Note And Their Strange Pregnancy Art

Most Stylish Man Contest: “Gossip Girl” Edition—Chace Crawford Vs. Ed Westwick

Julie Gerstein / May 5, 2011

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A Chandelier With Sex Appeal

Julie Gerstein / May 5, 2011

Well, this chandelier certainly does tell folks exactly what its owners are all about. [Kitschy Living]… More »

18 Of Our Favorite “SNL” Characters Of All Time

Ami Angelowicz / May 5, 2011