Lindsay Lohan Is Confused About Social Networking

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 11, 2011
Lindsay Lohan has had a rough week. She's facing felony theft charges and she's getting criticized for dressing inappropriately for court. It's no wonder she's a little out of it and is confused about where she's social networking. At least she didn't say she was on Friendster? [Twitter]… More »

Girl Talk: About That Time I Accidentally Went On A Date With A Hobo Killer

By: Julie Gerstein / February 11, 2011
Earlier this week, I wrote about my flagrant disregard for Valentine’s Day. But a small (minor!) detail--a teensy admission about a particular ex of mine--seemed to garner the most attention. Yes, I went on a date with a hobo killer--but that’s not why I stopped seeing him. More »

Andy Cohen Refutes Rumors That Heidi Montag Might Become A “Real Housewife”

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 11, 2011
“On Tuesday, Heidi Montag tweeted ‘Watch out Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Here comes Heidi…’ with a link to an article saying she and her husbland were talking to our producers about coming on the show. Professionally, I’m not supposed to discuss any negotiations so I have to parse my words here. That trash i… More »

It’s Late ’90s Britney, Bitch!

By: Ami Angelowicz / February 11, 2011
Behold, Britney Spears before she was a femme fatale in some mall-style glamour shots from 1998. Love the oversized boyfriend jersey with the cargo pants. Check out some more gems from this shoot here. Teaser: there's one of her in a cowboy hat with plastic flowers and one of her wrapped in an American flag. More »

7 Terrible Breakups I’m Thankful For

By: Julie Gerstein / February 11, 2011
Breakups suck. But after a little time has passed, you may find yourself feeling relieved, reflective and actually -- dare we say -- thankful that you and your former dude are no longer together. Breakups and how they’re done can teach us lots of valuable lessons about who we are and what we want. They… More »

Sexting Makes Its Way To Politics: Congressman Resigns Over Shirtless Cell Pic

By: Kate Torgovnick/ / February 11, 2011
Celebrities from Rihanna to Vanessa Hudgens to Jamie Foxx have learned the hard way that if you're a public figure and you take a photo of yourself sans clothing that is meant for private eyes, it'll probably end up on the internet being gawked at over coffee breaks. Let politicians heed this warning, too. Yesterday,… More »