13 Celebrities Address Rumors That They’re Gay

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Recently, Mariah Carey sat down with The Advocate, and they asked her the obvious question: What’s up with all the rumors over the years that she’s bisexual? Mariah gave a coy denial. “If it makes somebody happy to say that, then whatever, but that’s not the reality,” she said. “I don’t have a discriminatory policy of who I’m friends with, so yes, I’m friends with women who are gay — gay, straight, it doesn’t matter to me. So I don’t get upset when I hear that, because it is what it is. I guess I could lie about it to seem more exciting.” You tell them, Mariah!

I’m down with Mariah being matter-of-fact about it, instead of suing for libel for being called bisexual. (Ahem , Tom Cruise.) Here are some of his fellow actors and actresses who’ve also addressed their own gay rumors, to varying degrees of hilarity.

Quickies: Michael Moore Donates Money To Julian Assange & January Jones Gets Naked For Versace

  • Michael Moore has donated $20,000 toward WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s bail. [PopEater]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is returning for another episode of “Glee.” [The Superficial]
  • Check out Julian, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s little boy. [The YBF]

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How To Tell A Man From A Boy

As any girl in the dating world will tell you, you can tell pretty much all you need to know about a potential boyfriend from the house he keeps. We’re not saying emotional maturity is reflected in one’s furniture … except, yeah, we kinda are.

It’s not about whether or not the guy has money; it’s about whether or not he’s learned to make his house a home without Mom’s help. So, without further ado, we’ve got 10 ways his home will tell you if he’s a man or a boy. Read more Keep reading »

Today’s Lady News: The DMV Now Offering Opinions About Your Sex Life

  • Meet Amber Yust, a transgender San Francisco woman who contacted the DMV to change her official gender from “male” to “female” and received a letter from a bigoted DMV staffer calling her an “abomination” and a DVD comparing homosexuality to being possessed by demons. Now Yust, 23, is suing because it turns out the same DMV employee refused to process another transgendered woman’s name-change application back in 2009. [Queerty]
  • Last week, Rep. Tom Perriello introduced the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, which would revamp the Campus Sexual Assault Victim’s Bill of Rights by expanding the list of offenses that must be included in a campus sexual assault policy to include sex offenses, stalking, and domestic violence, among other things. [SAFERcampus.org]

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Cheapskate: Leighton Meester’s Statement Stockings

leighton meester 120110 m jpg
Get stunning legs in your life by taking notes on Leighton Meester’s amazing floral lace stockings. We love the combination of textures and prints in her outfit, but fun stockings like these could just as easily be the item that brightens up an otherwise drab ensemble. From skirts, like the knee-skimming pencil skirt Leighton is wearing, to minis and shorts—tights are a great way to bring interest to an outfit. We’ve put together a bunch of stocking trends for you to take a look at — all tights under or around $20, so you can get some high style without the high price!

10 Stupid Things Guys Have Said To Me In Email

It’s pretty clear that when it comes to emailing, women are the superior executors of online, text-based transmissions. Leave the same medium in the hands of men, and, well, things go off the rails. Mostly, they never seem to know what to write or how to hit the right tone. From far too fawning to too plain dumb, here are the top 10 moronic things men said to me in emails in 2010. Add your own in the comments. Keep reading »

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