Who’s That Kid On The Cover Of Nylon With Emma Roberts?

By: Julie Gerstein / April 23, 2011

We had no clue who the kid with the terrible haircut was standing next to Emma Roberts (side note: the styling on the cover is … uh … bad), until we scanned around and spotted a familiar surname: Culkin. Yes, he’s a Culkin, but probably not one you’ve seen before. This here is Rory Culkin,… More »

André Leon Talley Does The Green Thing, Too

By: Julie Gerstein / April 23, 2011

“At Vogue we’re going to have certain issues devoted to green. We’ve asked certain designers to make green clothes. I don’t think everyone should be wearing hip sacks and burlap blouses. There’s still room for luxury … You have to wake up and be conscious of everything, the way you dispose of things. I do… More »

Do You Wear Bold Lipstick For Yourself Or Your Guy?

By: StyleList Home / April 23, 2011

Since I decided to go bold with my lipstick two years ago, there have been few occasions that I’ve painted my pout nude. Yet, my boyfriend can’t seem to get past “the attention” my bright lips bring.

I proudly rock bold lips for me and could care less about the stares or whispers. Sorry,… More »

HUDSON: Denim You Can Tolerate In The Summer

By: Annika Harris / April 23, 2011

Even if you’re a die-hard jeans girl 10 months out of the year, when summer arrives, heavy denim is probably the last thing you reach for. But HUDSON jeans’ spring/summer 2011 collection is denim you can actually tolerate in the heat. Inspired by the culture of Dogtown and Venice, CA in the ’70s, the collectio… More »

Is “Doctor Who” The New “Lost”?

By: TV Squad / April 23, 2011

Just about anyone with a pulse can enjoy “Doctor Who” (9 p.m. ET Saturday, BBC America) — it’s that good and that much fun — but if there are ‘Lost’ fans out there who’ve never tried this frisky British import, now’s the time to get on board.

Never mind that “Doctor Who” has bee… More »

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