The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For April 11-12th 2009


  • “Sideways” on FX at 9 am
  • “American Splendor” on IFC at 10 am
  • “Definitely, Maybe” on HBOSG at 10:30 am
  • “Annie” on Hallmark at 11 am
  • “The Hills” on MTV at 11 am and 12 pm
  • “Gone Baby Gone” on Starz at 11:10 pm
  • “The Rachel Zoe Project” on Bravo starting at 1 pm
  • “Dirty Dancing” on SHO2 at 1:15 pm
  • “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” on Cinemax at 2 pm
  • “Risky Business” on TVLand at 2:30 pm
  • “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” on ABC Family at 4 pm
  • “Casino” on Cinemax at 4 pm
  • “The Real Housewives Of New York City” on Bravo starting at 5 pm
  • “The Sound Of Music” on ABC Family at 7 pm
  • “Wild at Heart” on IFC on 8 pm
  • “Catch and Release” on Oxygen at 8 pm
  • “Working Girl” on WE at 10 pm
  • “Saturday Night Live” (with Zac Efron and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) on NBC at 11:30 pm
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    Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of April 10th 2009

    We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say, you bitches crack us up! So in honor of you, our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the Internet, we’re giving away prizes! Each week we’ll award you an awesome internet chatty Cathy’s a little something special. This week five winners will receive three TweeCards. So, without further adieu, here are the lucky winners of this week’s Gift For Gab… Keep reading »

    How I Got The Clap And Other STD Stories: The Unusual Suspect

    April is STD Awareness Month, and we asked you to share your STD-related stories so we could learn from your each other’s mistakes. If you have a tale involving sores, Valtrex, or a judgy gynecologist, send an email to We will keep your identity anonymous.

    I wanted to let you know about my experience with an STD because although I feel uncomfortable telling anyone else about it, I think it’s important for other people to be aware. In November I noticed bumps on the outside of my genital region and thought they were just pimples. They didn’t go away, and when I told my boyfriend he freaked and said he had them too. He blamed me for getting infected, but I hadn’t been with anyone else since we started dating! Keep reading »

    Crave: TweeCards

    Life is full of moments when you just don’t know what to say. Like when a friend loses her job (or gets one), ages another year, or saves your ass at a work meeting. In these and plenty of other instances, an email saying, “Happy birthday!” or “You rock!!!!” doesn’t cut it, no matter how many exclamation marks you use. If you’re a good person, you’ll send a witty note from TweeCards. We’re pretty sure clever is the new thoughtful. [$3.50 each,]

    We’re giving five readers three TweeCards each, but you have to work if you want your friends to think you’re the most thoughtful/clever person they know. The five best commenters for this coming week — from today, Friday, April 10 through Thursday, April 16 — will be awarded with a set of three. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules. NOTE: To be eligible you must include in your profile the state and country where you live! Keep reading »

    Overweight Women Hit A Glass Ceiling, Overweight Men Get Promoted

    A larger waistline may enhance a man’s chance of being promoted in the U.S., whereas overweight women have little prospects of being promoted, according to a study published recently. Researchers found that only 5 percent of male and female bosses at 1,000 leading companies in the U.S. were considered obese — an average of 36 percent of men and 38 percent of women of a similar age are obese in the United States. However, they also found that of the leading male bosses, 61 percent were overweight — only 41 percent of males the same age are overweight in the United States. In contrast, overweight women made up only 22 percent of the chief executives, compared with 29 percent of same age women in the U.S. “The results suggest that while being obese limits the career opportunities of both women and men, being ‘merely overweight’ harms only female executives – and may actually benefit male executives,” said researcher Mark Roehling, an associate professor of human resource management at Michigan State University. The study also backs up previous research that shows weight standards for women are harsher in white, middle-class communities. The study also suggests there’s a preference for larger-sized men and smaller-sized women in the business world. “It appears that the glass ceiling effect on women’s advancement may reflect not only general negative stereotypes about the competencies of women, but also weight bias that results in the application of stricter appearance standards to women,” said Roehling. [] Keep reading »

    What’s The Duggar Family’s Big Announcement?

    This morning on the “Today” show, Matt Lauer hinted that the Duggar family would be on Monday’s show to make a big announcement. We are just sitting on the edge of our seat in anticipation! What could the news be?! We have a few ideas…

    1. Michelle got her tubes ties and/or Jim Bob got a vasectomy — they just can’t afford to get pregnant again in this economy.
    2. The couple is pregnant with their 19th child.
    3. The eldest Duggar son, Josh, and his wife, Anna, are expecting and Michelle and Jim Bob are going to be grandparents!
    4. The family is going on tour as a modern-day Partridge family.
    5. Jim Bob, who served in the Arkansas House of Representatives from 1999 to 2003, is announcing his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. If he gets elected, their new show will be called “The Duggars Go to Washington,” and their kids will attend Sasha and Malia Obama’s school.
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    Fashion Slideshow: How To Wear A Denim Jacket

    dark denim jacket c jpg
    Women’s Denim Jacket, $29.50, Old Navy

    The classic denim jacket is a must-have for spring and summer. You can wear it for just about every occasion, save work and a black-tie functions. Just remember that wearing a denim jacket with something else denim is denim overkill (see, even in a sentence that’s too much denim).

    Debate This: Should You Out A Cheater?

    By the time you hit your Saturn Return, the probability that you’ve been on the giving or receiving end of a romantic infidelity is about as high as your credit card debt. But what happens when you’re privy to the less than virtuous activities of a friend or acquaintance’s significant other? The moral conundrum of whether or not to out a cheater is fraught with shoot-the-messenger peril and weighted with Golden Rule considerations. And the potential outcome of ratting out a rat is just as complex and diverse. Should you risk life and limb to unveil the truth or keep your nose out of someone else’s business? Two ladies argue the costs. Keep reading »

    Liz Lemon Attempts To Use Her Feminine Wiles To Save Her Staff

    On last night’s episode of “30 Rock,” the company has to undergo some cuts, and Liz Lemon is told she has to pare away 25 percent of her budget. But she can’t find anything to get rid of (straw are not an unnecessary expense!). Liz tries to play by the rules, pleading her case to the consultant who is overseeing the budget cuts, but that doesn’t help. So, she decides to try to give the budget consultant “a taste of the Lemon” in exchange for her staff not getting fired. Things work out in the end, but not because she dons a slutty red ruched dress and hooker boots.

    Have you ever tried to use your sex appeal or femininity to get your way at work? Keep reading »

    Cha-Ching! Meghan McCain Scores A Book Deal

    So, hip-hip-hooray, Meghan McCain got a book deal! For six figures! It’s not Ann Coulter money, but I’m totally jealous. Also, a little irked. What does Meghan McCain have to offer the world that’s worth that many greenbacks? While her new publisher, Hyperion, isn’t saying McCain will be writing about, her columns on The Daily Beast suggest she’ll continue pontificating on the future of the Republican Party and how they can better appeal to her generation. Given the sea of old face that one typically associates with Grand Ol’ Party, pimping Meghan out as the new face of young conservatism is probably a good idea. Then again, maybe it will be a style guide to workin’ a fabulous curvy figure? Conservatives and liberals would buy that. Except Laura Ingraham, of course. [New York Observer] Keep reading »

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