New Year’s Resolutions Celebrities Should Make

We’ve already read about the real resolutions celebrities have made for 2009, but we can think of more than a few who need some suggestions. After the jump, New Year’s resolutions 12 celebrities SHOULD be making. Keep reading »

The 10 Best TV Shows Of 2008

Crave: “Do You Like Me?” T-Shirt

Remember when you were in grade school and you totally had a crush on the cute boy in your class who had warts on his hands and so one day you passed him a note when the teacher wasn’t looking which said, “Do you like me? Yes Or No (circle one)?” This t-shirt will remind you of that time — although hopefully he circled “Yes.” [$34,] Keep reading »

Facebook, A Place For Couples

Don’t you just hate it when a friend starts dating a guy and she does absolutely everything with him? She can’t go to the grocery store without him, she can’t do her laundry without him, and she certainly can’t update her Facebook status without including his name. We’ve been noticing that a bunch of couples are doing joint status updates, i.e., “John and Jane are ringing in the New Year!” or “Kelly and Josh just got the most amazing espresso machine.” We don’t like it. Isn’t the internet the last refuge for lonely singles? Keep reading »

The 15 Best Music Videos Of 2008

2008, for all its Debbie Downers, had some of the hottest dance music and videos! Since MTV won’t play them, WE WILL! From fantastical geometric landscapes to sonic glam ninjas, here are The Frisky’s picks for the Best Music Videos of the Year:

1. Empire of the Sun, “Walking On A Dream”: This Australian outfit is arguably the sweetest current glam band. Their decadence and their dance hooks are so catchy, we actually miss the ’80s!
Keep reading »

New Year’s Eve And It’s Time To Make Out!

nye champagne toast c jpg
My friend Megan says that New Year’s Eve is like prom — overrated. But things are what you make of them, and if you want to make out with someone tonight, you can make that s**t happen. Just don’t forget your lip gloss. Keep reading for New Year’s Eve beauty tips…

Mind Of Man: Mouth Love Is Meh

Blow jobs are overrated. There. I said it. I know men who would fight a grizzly bear with a spork for a little mouth love. I also know women who guard their oral sexing technique the way a pharmaceutical company protects its most precious patents. But I’m just not a dude who loves blow jobs. I’m an active guy, when it comes to being intimate with a woman, and laying back and letting her go down on me has always felt passive to me. Disconnected. As if I could lean back and read the Economist or slurp a bowl of soup while being, uhhh, serviced. Keep reading »

How Will You Use This Year’s Extra Second?

Because earth’s rotation is slowing ever so slightly, an extra second is being added to 2008 so the sun continues to be at its highest point around noon. How will you make the most of this extra second? We have are a few suggestions…

1. Take an extra sip of champagne.
2. Make eye contact with the hot dude across the bar.
3. Lick your lips.
4. Slip someone the tongue.
5. Jump for joy.
6. Blink.
7. Smile.
8. Pop the cork on another bottle of Champagne.
9. Text a friend (okay, this might take longer than a second).
10. Sigh — you’ve made it through another year! Keep reading »

Frisky Hate Mail: Treating Men Like Dogs

We get a lot of mail from readers, some insanely flattering, some helpful (thanks for doing a little free copy-editing for us, guys!), and plenty of nasty hate mail. With that in mind, we’re going to post some of the best reader mail we get from time to time, because we totally appreciate that you even take the time to write!

Sent: Tue 12/30/2008 9:28 PM

“Your recent article entitled ‘Eight Signs Your Man May Be Depressed’ sounds more like advice to females concerning their depressed pet dog rather than male spouse. Since it also appears your website encourages consulting the Astro Guide for marital and dating guidance, rather than the sound advice of a marriage counselor, pastor, priest, or rabbi, I am suggesting that your editor change the totally worthless and misleading content of your website to one with greater moral substance and sound spiritual counseling.”

Are you talking smack about Yale, American, and George Washington Universities? That’s where writer and licensed clinical psychologist (the one behind the article you mentioned), Dr. Andrea Bonior, got her B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology. But you’re right, her suggestions do work for dogs too. Lucca was super depressed last week because of the holidays (seasonal depression, you know), and I tried some of Dr. Bonior’s advice. This week my girl is doing cartwheels! Keep reading »

Us Weekly Helps You Drop Weight Like A Star!

Hey look! It’s my least favorite issue of Us Weekly — “2009 Diets That Work!”! That is, CELEB diets that work — all of the diets, workout plans, and “weight loss tricks” are ones that have worked for big money stars like Jennifer Aniston (such a fatty before, RIGHT?), Britney Spears, and Beyonce. And by the way, only women are featured in the “28 page bonus” section (ZOMG, I am tots getting my $3.99 worth). Sure, the vast majority of Us‘s readers are female, and presenting the perfectly perfect bodies of celebs is supposed to be aspirational, but c’mon. Gimme a few male chubsters who lost some weight and how they did it — like Horatio Sanz and Seth Rogan. I want to know how those guys — who were truly overweight — lost the lard. Keep reading »

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