Frisky Q&A: Hudson Jeans’ Ben Taverniti Talks Denim, Curvy Women, And The “Brand’s DNA”

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I had the pleasure last week of not only previewing Hudson’s spring 2011 collection, but also chatting with the company’s creative director Ben Taverniti. Hudson luxury jeans are a favorite amongst celebrities and fashion industry folks because of the brand’s attention to detail — the signature flap pocket is instantly recognizable and so is its unique stitching. Taverniti draws on his experiences in Toulouse, Paris, Britain, and now that’s he’s a transplant to the West Coast, on Los Angeles, too. The talented denim designer gave me the 411 on the must-have denim this fall, how skinny and curvy women can rock Hudson jeans, and the “brand’s DNA.”

More Lanvin For H&M Images, Plus A Look Back At Our Other Favorite Collabs

lanvin hm 2 v 21oct10 320x480 jpg
We’re suckers for this stuff. The moment H&M releases a new image from the upcoming Lanvin collection, we’ll be devouring it for days. They’ve just given us another peek. These designs look like they’ll bring some color to the line, and we’re seriously liking the party frock vibe. Some other news: looks like dresses will cost around $150, jackets about $110, and jewelry about $40. Too much? Just right to pay for high design? Check out our favorite H&M collabs from the past after the jump—and vote for your favorite in the comments below! [Vogue UK]

Do You Have A Hate Crush On Any Of Your Female Friends?

Female friendships can be complex and more often than not, they are. We asked 15 women from across the country to answer a question that is getting more attention recently: Do you have a hate crush on any of your female friends? The answers may surprise you. Keep reading »

How To Have Great Hair In Your 20s

Attention, young beauties: Just because you’re out of high school doesn’t mean it’s time to stop having fun with your hair.

Twenty-somethings are all about self-expression. This is the decade to take risks, be bold and experiment with your hair. Should you opt for a more sophisticated style? Probably. But boring? Never! Read more Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “My Boyfriend’s Been Looking At Transgender Porn!”

It’s time again for a mega “Shortcuts Weekend.” For every question, I’ll give my advice in three sentences or less, because sometimes the answer to a person’s question is so obvious and the need to hear it so great, being as clear and frank as possible is simply the best way to go. Today we discuss finding freaky porn, avoiding bunny-boiler status, and how to find out if a guy is single. Keep reading »

Our “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Memories

Get ready to do the time warp again, because “Rocky Horror Picture Show” is having a real moment. Next Tuesday’s episode of “Glee” will be an homage to the ’70s rock opera that still plays at midnight showings all around the country. Rachel will of course channel Susan Sarandon as Janet. Finn will be her Brad and Kurt will be Riff Raff. Apparently, John Stamos was originally going to be Dr. Frank-N-Furter, but the network wasn’t so comfortable with him signing “Sweet Transvestite.” So Mercedes will do it instead. And that’s not all. Apparently, “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy is in talks to direct a remake of the flick.

Since many members of The Frisky staff have fond “Rocky Horror” memories (will I ever forget the time my car broke down on the way home from a midnight screening and how awkward I felt talking to the tow truck driver while I was dressed as Columbia?), we thought we’d share them after the jump. Keep reading »

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