This Kissing Device Doesn’t Do It For Me

By: Ami Angelowicz / May 3, 2011

I don’t care if it feels like kissing. I have no desire to put a motorized straw in my mouth and pretend like it’s a human mouth. This kiss transmission device, which uses computers to simulate the way a person kisses down to their taste, breathing, and moistness of the tongue, is very… More »

The 15 Most WTF Looks At The 2011 MET Ball

The Love Guru: Now I Know What “The Bachelorette” Feels Like

By: The Love Guru / May 3, 2011

I walked into the restaurant and spotted Old Flame sitting at the bar sipping a beer. He looked better than I remembered and when I hugged him I felt a stirring in my nether regions.

Near the end of a dinner filled with laughter, Old Flame’s hazel eyes turned serious. He reached across the… More »

Who Is Pippa Middleton’s Boyfriend, Alex Loudon?

By: Jessica Wakeman / May 3, 2011

Over one short weekend, the world became captivated with Pippa Middleton: the dress, the smile, the derriére. And though lots of people seem to think it’s not weird to suggest Pippa and Prince Harry get together, the reality is that Her Royal Hotness already has a boyfriend and apparently might soon be walking down the… More »

The 15 Worst Looks At The 2011 MET Ball

By: Julie Gerstein / May 3, 2011

Girl Talk: Why Do Girls Get Depressed After Losing Their Virginity?

By: Rachel White / May 3, 2011

I lost my virginity at age 15, in a double wide trailer. I remember his abs glowing under the black-light and the mood music–a Ginuwine album on repeat. I had snuck out on a snowy school night, holding my shoes in my hand. I felt sort of frozen and surreal, somehow knowing this was the… More »