Scarlett Johansson Spoofs “The Millionaire Matchmaker”

The only thing better than an actual episode of “The Millionaire Matchmaker”? Scarlett Johansson’s impression of Patti Stanger on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. You might not think with that blond hair and alabaster skin that Scarlett could pull of a convincing Patti, but she nails that Jersey accent! [] Keep reading »

7 Stars Who Were Waitresses Back In The Day

nicki minaj 111410 m jpg
Hot as heck rapper Nicki Minaj admitted that she once served fried shrimp and cheddar cheese biscuits (best biscuits ever, BTW) at a Red Lobster before getting her big break. And Nicki isn’t the only one — several famous women once donned the shiny orange Hooters short-shorts. But plenty of other celebs shilled pizza, hot dogs, Mickey D’s and more.

After the jump, more celebs who once hustled for tips.

Rihanna Poses With Kids, Inadvertently Teaches Them A Vocab Lesson!

Rihanna was gracious enough to take photos with some young fans when she was in New York this weekend, but something tells us their parents were less enthusiastic. See what we mean, after the jump … Keep reading »

Would You Share Your Secrets Online?

The internet is a veritable breeding ground for self-obsessives, voyeurs and exhibitionists (just look at the amount of amateur porn out there!). But the web also allows for people to divulge their most private and perverse thoughts from the privacy of their own homes — anonymously and safely. Sites like PostSecret and Hear My Secrets prove that people want to share the deepest parts of their guts with the world. And boy, what secrets they share! Keep reading »

Heel Condoms, Anyone? (And Other Foot Accoutrements)

heel condom hero jpeg
News in trends that we hope is not actually news: “heel condoms,” what Trend de la Creme calls these slip-on covers for stiletto heels. Cute way to change up your shoes? Or impractical way to make them look crazy? We’re undecided (would have to try ‘em out for ourselves). Check them out and other ways to decorate your kicks, after the jump! [Trend de la Creme]

Today In Terribleness: 14-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide When ID’d After Statutory Rape

A week ago today, 14-year-old Samantha Kelly of Huron Township, Michigan, came home from school and hung herself. Why would a young girl take her own life? Over the past few months, her classmates at Huron High School had been bullying Samantha when they learned her family was pushing a statutory rape charge against an 18-year-old classmate. A police investigation found that the September incident between Samantha and Joseph Tarnopolski had in fact been consensual, but at 14 she was still under the age of consent. Tarnopolski was charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct and in the past several months, Samantha was getting taunted for accusing him. Keep reading »

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