Tricky Bras For Tricky Dresses

I’ve always been a bit envious of friends who could go sans bra without feeling crazy self-conscious. That level of hippie-esque chest freedom, I figured, has to be awesome.

So, I tried it and going braless is definitively not awesome, if you ask me. That said, being married to a bra shouldn’t keep you from wearing slinky, criss-crossed fashions all summer long.

If you want to pull it off, you’ve got to get creative with your undergarments. Keep reading »

One-Piece Swimsuits: From Sweet To Sexy

Girl Power: Women Fend Off Bad Guys With Bras, Weaves, Implants, & Batons

Being a girly girl gets a bad rap. But as women across the globe can attest, our female frills aren’t just for show—lookin’ this good can actually save your life. Last week, we told you all about a woman whose cash stuffed bra took a bullet for her. Talk about a bodyguard. And she’s not the only woman whose been saved by her girly stuff recently. Here are some amazing true stories. Keep reading »

Do Opposites Really Attract?

You like the movies, and he likes TV. You make the bed, and he steals the covers. You take two steps forward, and he takes two steps back. But you come together because opposites attract. Right? Not exactly. Despite the success of Paula Abdul’s catchy 1989 hit, the complexities of human attraction continue to befuddle the biologists, psychologists, and romantics who dare to ask the perennial questions: why, when, and how are we attracted to people so different from ourselves? Keep reading »

Gallery: No-Bling Engagement Rings

blingrings 042809 g1 jpg


Jessica Alba’s ’80s Birthday Party, Plus Other Wack(y) Celeb-Themed Shindigs

Happy birthday, Jess! The former “Dark Angel” celebrated her 28th last weekend with an ’80s party, dancing to Prince and Jacko as guests like Sarah Silverman and Rosario Dawson chowed down on fajitas and mojitos. The hit activity of the night? Connect Four. If life were a teen movie, there would’ve been a dance-off with the winner cruising away on Cash Warren‘s moped. Keep reading »

Tell Us Your Real Life Wardrobe Malfunctions!

You’re walking down the street feeling kind of sassy and doing the whole hip-swinging thing. Those heels are new and gloriously flattering, so you pretend you’re offended when an entire construction crew starts going wild. Really, though, you know it’s because you look damn good. Well, you thought it was because you looked damn good …

Actually, your skirt is tucked into the granny panties you wear when you’re too lazy to do your laundry and there’s nothing else in the drawer. Sure, your new shoes are hot, but that’s probably not what those men are howling about. We’ve all been there, and it’s tragic every time. But those wardrobe malfunctions, from nip-slips to skirt rips and everything in between, are an unavoidable part of life. So, the next time you’re trying to cover the chocolate milk stain on your white pants, keep these stories in mind and know that you’re not alone. Keep reading »

Swine Flu Ruins Prom!

Swine flu is effing things up around the globe. But did you know that it’s threatening prom? Around 300 schools in the US are closed because of the swine flu panic, and many are rejiggering prom plans for the weekend. But the girls have already purchased their dresses! And the dudes have already invested in boxes of condoms because they’re hoping to finally lose their virginity! What’s a teenager to do? After the jump, the deets on these events that would make John Hughes cry.

Keep reading »

Steven Meisel’s “Three Hundred And Seventeen And Counting”

july 2005 g1 jpg
Photographer Stephen Meisel has shot every Vogue Italia cover for the last 20 years and nine months, including this one: “Makeover Madness.” Three Hundred and Seventeen and Counting, his third photography book, was released this week, featuring supermodels going to rehab and B-list celebrities posing on the red carpet. We took a look back at some of his most striking covers.

It’s Kentucky Derby Time! Five Facts About “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports”

The Kentucky Derby, also known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” is going down today, and it’s about way more than a bunch of horses running in a circle. The Derby is an event in and of itself, spawning days of partying, drinking, and awesome clothing. After the jump, all you need to know about the event, from this year’s favorite to how many mint juleps will be made at Churchill Downs. Keep reading »

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