Style Stealer: Elle Fanning’s Premiere Looks

elle fanning style stealer jpg
Let the Elle Fanning fashion show begin. We watched Dakota‘s younger sister as she waltzed through the premieres of Sofia Coppola‘s latest flick, “Somewhere,” and we’re loving the 12-year-old’s age-appropriate and classy style. Not that we want you to dress like you’re 12, but you can still find some more grown-up inspiration from her outfit choices. Check it out after the jump.

“Fairly Legal” Makes Justice Look Totally Sexy

“What does justice look like? 5’5″, brunette, great smile.”

So begins the trailer for “Fairly Legal,” USA’s new legal drama starring Sarah Shahi of “The L Word” as Kate, a former lawyer now working as a mediator. “Fairly Legal” — the title is a play on the term “barely legal” — also trills “justice never looked so good!” and employs the tag line “Less lawyer. More appeal.”

The other promos are just as sexist — why, we even get to see the panties on her law school-educated derriere! Keep reading »

7 Celebrities Who’ve Played Cupid

cupid gwyneth paltrow jpg
So, we’ve been wondering how exactly Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift hooked up, considering that they have a nine-year age difference and not too much in common. And now we have our answer: It’s Gwyneth Paltrow‘s fault. Apparently, she invited the both of them to a dinner party she had in London, and they hit it off. Cue their progression of coffee dates. [Huffington Post]

After the jump, some more celebs who played cupid, for better or worse.

How To Not Screw Up The Holidays If You’re Single

The holidays, and winter in general, are for couples.

I swear, I’m not beating my usual “life is cruel for us singles” drum, because we pretty much own spring and summer. In winter, though, people pair off and disappear like the end of a key party, and we’re just left sitting there on the couch in our Fair Isle sweaters, wondering where everybody went.

After 30-some years of being single, I haven’t become inured to getting a little down about it. Who ever gets used to not having somebody to take home to their mother or to introduce around at the work party or, hell, even buy something goofy for? Read more Keep reading »

The Best And Worst Celeb Outfits Of 2010

worst lady gaga meat dress jpg
It’s that time of year again—the time when we review all the wonderful and not so wonderful celebrity style this past year. It’s inevitable. Let’s take a moment to look back, shall we? Here, we rounded up some of the best and worst celeb outfits from 2010. We couldn’t gather them all because it certainly was a big year for fashion—so be sure to leave your own votes in the comments below. To start, can we get a resounding “yes!” that Lady Gaga‘s meat dress bit the big one?

Little Soldier Girl … I Mean Boy … I Mean Girl

A mustachioed Katy Perry rocked a soldier getup at the Z100 Jingle Ball. Let’s give credit where credit is due: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wore it first. Keep reading »

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